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After recently unveiling its first Windows Phone 8 powered handsets, Nokia has revealed some more info surrounding software updates for its first series of Lumia devices that operates on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).

The Finnish phone giant stated that its current Lumia range of smartphones will continue to be supported with a new updated user interface (UI, courtesy of Windows Phone 7.8), new features, apps and upgrades being released in the not too distant future.

Some of the new apps that Nokia has lined up includes the location-based, augmented reality application City Lens, which overlays useful info on the surfaces of nearby restaurants, shops, and other buildings, as these are viewed through the viewfinder of the smartphone’s camera. Nokia Counters is also on the way, and it will assist in keeping tabs on your smartphone’s data usage.

After bringing out the Creative Studio and Camera Extras apps for devices like the Lumia 610 and 900, the Espoo-based firm will add the GIF-maker Cinemagraph as well as updates to Smart Group Shot to existing Lumia devices.

Additional new features for all Lumia devices will include a ringtone maker app (selected markets) enabling users to create personal ringtones; Contact Share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth; and Bluetooth file transfer functionality, allowing users to send media files via Bluetooth from their Lumia device to any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Nokia said that the rollout of these updates for the Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 smartphones will be phased, with the company revealing more release details about these closer to the start of their delivery. No local release info is available yet.  

In related news, Nokia recently unveiled its new Purity Pro wireless stereo headset by Monster. This new headset features the same eye-catching, quality design of the original Purity HD earphones, but exchanges the wired setup for a wireless one, by transferring audio to the headset via Bluetooth.


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