MWEB, Telkom, Afrihost and a number of other internet service providers serve the South African market. For information about these and other ISPs, plus price and data plans (including uncapped ADSL), this segment on is a good place to look.

GOGGA Connect

By Andrew Gould 31 October 2008


GOGGA ?¡Connect has an ?¡interesting claim to fame; it uses more data on the ?¡Vodacom ?¡network than any other ?¡subscriber. FULL STORY >


XDSL Family ADSL Packages

By Thomas McKinnon 3 September 2008

The ease with which ?¡children can access x-rated content is ?¡startling. For this reason it is ?¡important that ISPs share the responsibility by offering packages that meet the ?¡connectivity needs of the ?¡average family while negating some of the content risks. FULL STORY >

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