The contact centre agent of the future

By Industry Contributor 29 July 2022

Marthle du Plessis from PwC explains the critical importance of offering great customer experience, and why experience consultants are the future. FULL STORY >


How to measure and improve your digital maturity for online sales success

By Press Release 20 April 2022

According to Amrish Singh, Global Customer Experience Advisor at SAP Africa, South Africans were traditionally used to physical purchases where they can see the quality of a product or the freshness of a loaf of bread –... FULL STORY >


Merchants launches cloud-based customer experience platform powered by Avaya

By Staff Writer 4 April 2022

New multi-channel customer experience platform launched to enable local businesses to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. FULL STORY >


Transforming customer experience in the financial services sector

By Industry Contributor 8 March 2022

By James Bayhack, Sub-Saharan Africa Director at CM.com FULL STORY >


Seamless communication is key to CX: Here is what it should look like

By Industry Contributor 24 January 2022

By Brent Haumann, Managing Director, Striata FULL STORY >


Digital first-impressions matter A LOT... So how are you treating your new customers?

By Industry Contributor 14 October 2021

By Brent Haumann, Managing Director, Striata FULL STORY >


Get connected with your customer in 2021, or else...

By Industry Contributor 22 January 2021

The world has changed. The customer has changed. Have you? FULL STORY >


Industry Opinion: Customer privacy is part of the experience and is critical to build trust

By Industry Contributor 5 October 2020

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum International, explains the implications of customer privacy for marketing departments. FULL STORY >


Opinion - Connect the data and the dots to deliver exceptional experiences for customers

By Industry Contributor 18 January 2019

Shawn Sipman, Oracle Customer Experience Strategy Lead Africa, elaborates on keeping customers in today's world. FULL STORY >


Top tips for maximising ROI without compromising on customer experience

By Opinion 6 August 2018

Wynand Smit, the CEO of INOVO, a leading contact centre business services provider, explains how to maximise return on investment. FULL STORY >


#Winning: teams that deliver exceptional customer experience

By Opinion 7 June 2018

With a mobile in every pocket, you better believe that poor customer service will spread like wild fire across every digital touch point you can imagine, says Nashua. FULL STORY >


Chasing the dream of the single view of the customer

By Opinion 6 June 2018

Everyone wants to have a single view of the customer, but is just a pipe dream? INOVO CEO, Wynand Smit takes a look. FULL STORY >


Five steps to CX success

By Opinion 19 April 2018

Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO, outlines a few steps to have better success with your customer experience. FULL STORY >


Accenture Interactive: Africa’s leading customer experience agency, powered by applied intelligence and design

By Press Release 1 March 2018

The company's latest offering promises to enter a new breed of agency - the Customer Experience Agency. FULL STORY >


Multivariate testing for your customer journey

By Opinion 16 February 2018

Measurement and testing is rapidly becoming a standard requirement; however it is meaningless if we don’t understand how to apply the results and all we end up with is raw data without any meaningful application of it, says Jason Steele, Web... FULL STORY >

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