Adidas introduces new X15 and ACE15 football boots

Having put an end to many of its boot lineups, Adidas unveils two new ranges ahead of the 2015 UEFA Champions League final.

TechSmart Gigabyte Sci-Fi Short Story Comp: The Virus

There is not much that can be done for Derek Swart's wife, but can he take matters into his own hands? Aqua Amoah's short story is another entry into...

Nissan and BMW partnering to increase EV charging capacity in SA

One of the two leading EV suppliers in SA, Nissan and BMW partner up to improve the charging grid infrastructure in the country.

New expansion and patch coming to Bloodborne

More DLC and a new patch is in the pipeline for Bloodborne.

Rockstar Games takes aim at the BBC

22 May 2015

Rocksteady Games, via Take-Two Interactive, has filed suit against the BBC, for its plans to produce a 90 minute movie based on Grand Theft Auto’s development.


Amazon Game Studios releases Til Morning’s Light

22 May 2015

The latest title to come out of Amazon Game Studios, Till Morning’s Light, has been released, and it looks quite compelling.


Sony releases new best of PS4 video

22 May 2015

Sony has released a new best of games trailer for the PS4.


Tour de France 2015 gameplay trailer for consoles released

22 May 2015

Cyanide Studio unveils a video to show what is new in the console version of Tour de France 2015.


God of War III Remastered trailer shown running at 1080p/60fps

22 May 2015

While the Ghost of Sparta's story has come to a conclusion, this new remastered video for God of War III makes one ready to pick up the controller once more.


Sony reportedly opening studio to focus solely on Project Morpheus

22 May 2015

As the VR wars begin to heat up, Sony is reportedly opening a game studio dedicated exclusively to design content for Project Morpheus.


MMORPG title Neverwinter: Strongholds announced for PC and Xbox One

22 May 2015

If you like MMORPGs, and like free things, then you'll be glad to hear that Neverwinter: Strongholds is coming to PC and Xbox One later this year.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon confirmed for Nintendo 3DS

22 May 2015

Arriving in Q3 2015 in its native Japan, and early 2016 in Europe, Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming to the 3DS handheld console.


New Need for Speed trailer hints at return to the streets

22 May 2015

Electronic Arts has released a teaser trailer for its new Need for Speed title, hinting at a return to the streets and a full immersion into its racing culture.


Zombie VR gaming? Arizona Sunshine says Yes Please!

22 May 2015

In an effort to put a new twist on the much-used Zombie apocalypse storyline, Vertigo Games takes to the world of VR with Arizona Sunshine.


Sony Xperia E4

21 May 2015

Continuing its assault on the entry-level to mid-range market, Sony's Xperia E4 is a solid offering. It's biggest competition however, is its yet-to-debut LTE-sporting brother.

car reviews

Citroën C1 (2015)

19 May 2015

A small hatchback surprisingly packed full of life, the French-made Citroën C1 is a great first car alternative to the sometimes dull German alternatives.


Garmin vivoactive

13 May 2015

A new smartwatch with a sportswatch heart, Garmin’s vivoactive keeps things simple and uncluttered to deliver one of the better wearable experiences to date.


Airwheel S3T

11 May 2015

Equal parts terrifying and exhilarating to ride, the Airwheel S3T is the ultimate luxury gadget for 2015, carrying with it a similarly luxurious price tag.

peripherals and components

Razer DeathAdder Chroma gaming mouse

8 May 2015

The DeathAdder Chroma mouse is an able companion to the terrific Blackwidow Chroma keyboard.

digital cams and camcoders

Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens

7 May 2015

The newest 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens from Canon might just be the best zoom lens we have handled to date. It was certainly one that won us over at every turn.


NudeAudio Move Speakers

6 May 2015

Armed with a simple design, sound performance and wireless functionality, the NudeAudio Move speaker range has something for everybody, whether it's Small, Medium or Large.

movie reviews

Avengers: Age of Ultron

23 April 2015

Movie escapism at its finest, the latest superhero mash-up from Marvel might just have too much action for its own good, as it sets the stage for a far larger universe.

playstation 4

Mortal Kombat X

23 April 2015

Bloody and brutal button smashing at its best, Mortal Kombat X takes all the elements we so enjoyed from the arcade original and finally brings them to the console.


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

21 April 2015

With a compelling form factor and high-specced components, the Galaxy S6 edge is a powerful and enticing device. We find out if it holds sway over its non-edge brethren.

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