Canon Series: My Favourite Lens - Marlene Neumann

Marlene Neumann has been called one of the best female photographers in South Africa, and having a look at her portfolio it's easy to see why. Approaching photography more from a spiritual space, she also runs workshops at her Centre for Photography and Light in East London. We chatted to her about her favourite lens as well as her specially created darkroom technique.

New trailer for The Darkness debuts

A new trailer for The Darkness has dropped, and looks like yet another chillingly good horror in the pipeline.

Bethesda says updates coming to Fallout 4's survival mode

Bethesda confirms via Twitter that it has a complete overhaul scheduled for the survival mode of Fallout 4.

Activision Blizzard confirms plans to release Destiny sequel in 2017

A sequel to Bungie's Destiny is on the way, with Activision Blizzard detailing the follow-up for a possible launch in 2017.

'Final' official trailer for Dawn of Justice gets released

12 February 2016

Even though we've seen quite a bit of the film already, the "final" official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has debuted.


Facebook's Messenger app testing out SMS and multiple user functionality

12 February 2016

After making enhancements to its Messenger app over the past year, Facebook is now testing out SMS and multiple user features.


KaChing parking app aims to end payment hassle

12 February 2016

A newly launch app is aiming to bring bring an end to the hassle of manually paying for parking.


Google will start phasing out Flash from its advertising platforms

11 February 2016

After removing Flash plug-ins for its video playback, Google is taking things a step further by phasing out Flash enabled ads from its advertising platforms.


LG announces semi-transparent Quick Cover case for upcoming G5 flagship

11 February 2016

Despite the fact that we have not seen the G5 flagship, LG has already announced one of the device's most important accessories - the Quick Cover case.


Twitter will now roll out its algorithmic timeline to all its users

11 February 2016

After several months of testing, Twitter is set to roll out its new algorithmic timeline feature to its users across the globe.


Star Wars: Episode VIII has begun principle photography

11 February 2016

With its cinema-slated release date still a year away, principle filming by new director Rian Johnson has begun on Star Wars: Episode VIII.


LG G5 dated for appearance on 21 February with new design

10 February 2016

LG divulges details on when the new G5 flagship will be unveiled at MWC 2016, 21 February, which is the same day Samsung debut their latest device.


Deadpool sequel already in the works

10 February 2016

Well that didn't take long. The new Deadpool movie hasn't even hit cinemas yet, but reports say a sequel film has already been greenlit.


Opening cinematic for Dark Souls 3 sees light of day

10 February 2016

We often equate playing Bandai Namco's Dark Souls franchise with enjoying a bit of masochism, and the opening cinematic for the third installment is as sombre as they come.

playstation 4

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo (PS4)

9 February 2016

A rally driving game that shows promise, Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo unfortunately falls short of reaching the heights of its eponymous driver.

movie reviews


8 February 2016

The merc with the mouth is back, this time portrayed as he rightfully should. Cramming in as much blood, violence and sex as is humanly possible, this is the Deadpool film we all deserve.


BlackBerry PRIV

29 January 2016

The PRIV is BlackBerry's initial flagship for 2016. It's also an Android slider. Imbued with all the elements of a high-end smartphone, its only drawback remains its price.

peripherals and components

Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic desktop

27 January 2016

Microsoft has certainly flirted with the concept of ergonomic desktops and split keyboards for quite some time, and the latest result of this dalliance is the Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse.


Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 Wireless

25 January 2016

Skullcandy’s Smokin Buds 2 Wireless ditches the wires for quite an impressive price – R900.


Blackview BV2000

22 January 2016

At R1 900, the BV2000 from Blackview can tempt even the most savvy entry-level smartphone users. In spite of its plastic veneer, it delivers great value given its price tag.


Review: Philips Series 7000 shaver (S7530/50)

20 January 2016

For shaver manufacturers, a smooth shaving experience is high on the agenda. For Phillips it seems, so is a reduction in skin irritation, with the introduction of new microbead technology.


Motorola Moto 360 (2nd Gen)

19 January 2016

Now in its second iteration, the Moto 360 from Motorola seems to have lost some of its character and now looks like any other Android Wear smartwatch.


Xiaomi Mi 4

18 January 2016

At the tail-end of last year, Chinese company Xiaomi entered the country. We review their top offering - the Mi 4.


Beer Review: Agar's Brewery Tomahawk IPA

14 January 2016

It was with much excitement that I asked the brewer, Michael Agar, to pour me a pint of the Tomahawk IPA when he unveiled the first kegs at the Craft Fair in Joburg held in November.

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