Mastercard invests in South Africa’s young female entrepreneurs

By Press Release 5 July 2017

More than 160 Junior Achievement South Africa graduates move into the next phase of the Youth Enterprise Development Programme. FULL STORY >


Microsoft Cloud datacentres in Africa to enable innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth

By Press Release 18 May 2017

Microsoft revealed plans to deliver the complete, intelligent Microsoft Cloud for the first time from datacentres located in Africa. FULL STORY >


Cognit to educate future entrepreneurs with IBM’s Watson Workshop

By Press Release 26 April 2017

‘Build with Watson’ Workshop on 1 May 2017 set to offer technology expertise. FULL STORY >


What can universities do to reduce unemployment? The power of effective entrepreneurship education

By Staff Writer 9 March 2017

I believe it is high time to consider what our academic institutions can do to reduce unemployment and to help the poor - by taking what they do best (education) and applying it to one of the most... FULL STORY >


Sage Summit Tour comes to Johannesburg: Set to be largest gathering of entrepreneurs from Africa and the Middle East

By Press Release 14 February 2017

Keynote speakers include Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly, Luke McKend, Country Director at Google South Africa and Dr. Cheick Diarra, Astrophysicist, Businessman and Malian Politician. FULL STORY >


Teen entrepreneurship, confidence-building, and honest conversation: building blocks to a brighter future

By Press Release 1 December 2016

As we celebrate the progress made and the work that still needs to be done this World Aids Day, it’s clear that we need much more than just education and awareness. FULL STORY >


NSBC announces the finalists of the South African Small Business Awards

By Press Release 27 October 2016

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) today announced South Africa’s Top 20 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Award winners and the finalists of the 2016 South African Small Business Awards. FULL STORY >


The rise of Artisan entrepreneurs in South Africa – and what it takes to succeed

By Press Release 21 October 2016

Around the world the so-called ‘flat white economy’ continues to rise. It comprises the thousands upon thousands of artisan entrepreneurs selling to consumers who crave healthy, sustainable and authentic... FULL STORY >


Bright future for entrepreneurship in FinTech

By Press Release 12 September 2016

Khonogy's CEO, Michael Robert, explains why FinTech is the fertile ground where entrepreneurship can flourish. FULL STORY >


Young entrepreneurs are redefining the rules of business – and established companies must keep up

By Press Release 26 August 2016

Anton Van Heerden, EVP and MD, Sage South and Southern Africa unpacks the results of their new Walk With Me report and the lessons for millennial entrepreneurs in South Africa. FULL STORY >


Jobs galore for SA’s youth

By Press Release 16 August 2016

Africa’s youth need to move from being technologists to techpreneurs, fintechonlogist to fintechpreneurs, according to Khonology. FULL STORY >


South Africa needs more start-up businesses

By Press Release 15 August 2016

“We need to think beyond a job,” says Mike Anderson, founder & CEO of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC). FULL STORY >


Mastering the challenges of building your own business

By Press Release 8 June 2016

Starting a business is about passion, hard work and sacrifice. Entrepreneurs are the drivers of prosperity, but this can sometimes be a daunting task. MD for Sage SSB, Daryl Blundell, details six essential skills to overcome business... FULL STORY >


8 Lessons for entrepreneurs who want to conquer the world

By Press Release 30 May 2016

President of Sage International, Ivan Epstein, shares some key lessons he learned during his first few years of running a start-up business. FULL STORY >


South African entrepreneurs don’t have time for creativity or paperwork

By Press Release 2 December 2015

Time pressures are starving the country’s innovation economy FULL STORY >

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