IoT becomes Internet of Threats

By Press Release 10 April 2017

The proliferation of Internet of Things endpoints, including smart appliances and wearables, is presenting a significant threat to organisations, says Fortinet. FULL STORY >


Wireless becomes key integrated component of enterprise systems

By Press Release 10 April 2017

Wireless networks have traditionally been viewed and managed as an ‘add-on’ to the corporate network, but new security threats demand that they now be integrated into the heart of the enterprise, says Fortinet. FULL STORY >


Securing your growing home network

By Press Release 22 March 2017

Paul Williams, country manager at Fortinet, explains why the need for securing the smart home is important, and how you should go about doing it. FULL STORY >


SA healthcare braces to take on risk

By Press Release 10 March 2017

The local healthcare sector is moving to combat a spike in security risks, says Fortinet's country manager Paul Williams. FULL STORY >


Fortinet extends Security Fabric Protection into the Internet of Things

By Press Release 6 February 2017

Fortinet announces Security Fabric capabilities to arm enterprises with visibility and control to defend against rising threats from IoT. FULL STORY >


IoT: Exposure everywhere

By Press Release 9 September 2016

The adoption of IoT technologies is set to broaden the risk exposure consumers and enterprises face, driving a need for new legislation, more layers of security and increased awareness, says Fortinet. FULL STORY >


Smart cities: Five security areas CIOs should watch

By Staff Writer 12 April 2016

The new wave of smart city services and technologies are also expected to create new security vulnerabilities. Here are five areas CIOs should watch out for. FULL STORY >


Fortinet launches Cyber Threat Assessment Program to uncover critical security risks

By Press Release 25 February 2016

Fortinet today unveiled its new Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) designed to provide organizations a detailed look into the type and amount of cyber threats posing risks to their networks, yet are going... FULL STORY >


Battling the Enemy Within

By Staff Writer 2 February 2016

Traditionally, cyber-attacks on corporate networks have come from outside the organization. With the growing usage of personal mobile devices and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), however, the danger now also comes from the walls within. FULL STORY >


Fortinet reveals the sad state of Wi-Fi security in new survey

By Ryan Noik 26 November 2015

At a lively event in Rosebank, Fortinet lifted the lid on the state of wireless security in South Africa, based on a new locally based survey. FULL STORY >


Layer 7, north-south-east-west traffic challenge SA enterprise security

By Press Release 11 November 2015

Securing the data centre has never been more important or more complex than it is today – a fact South Africa’s CIOs and IT managers are well aware of FULL STORY >


Fortinet elevates high-performance cybersecurity to the access layer

By Press Release 22 October 2015

Fortinet has announced details of its new Secure Access Architecture. This new framework expands Fortinet’s innovative Internal Segmentation cybersecurity strategy, enabling organizations to seamlessly segment devices and... FULL STORY >


Fortinet complements Cisco application centric infrastructure with high-performance SDN security

By Press Release 14 October 2015

Fortinet has announced the integration of the Fortinet FortiGate firewall solution into the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) FULL STORY >


Capgemini and Fortinet sign a Global Frame and Alliance partner agreement

By Press Release 13 October 2015

Capgemini announced a global alliance partner relationship with Fortinet FULL STORY >


Fortinet’s new high-performance web application further protect customer data

By Staff Writer 30 September 2015

Fortinet recently announced the launch of its new FortiWeb 4000E and 3000E Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), designed to help customers prevent identity theft, financial fraud and denial of service through... FULL STORY >

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