Xperien goes mobile

By Press Release 8 May 2017

Local IT Asset Disposal specialist Xperien has launched Africa’s first mobile hard drive shredder plant, a fully equipped truck that provides state-of-the-art on-site degaussing and destruction. FULL STORY >


Data Destruction - more than just deleting files

By Press Release 24 January 2017

It is often assumed that once data has been marked for disposal, it no longer requires much attention. However, it is essential for security that data is permanently destroyed, deleted or erased from devices, notes Xperien. FULL STORY >


Cloud storage: Implications of the PoPI Act

By Press Release 10 November 2016

More and more companies are moving their data to the cloud, as well as government agencies and institutions. But what does this mean for data sensitivity and customer protection? FULL STORY >


POPI is coming, are businesses ready?

By Press Release 27 October 2016

The Protection of Personal Information Act is inching towards completion. With talk of it being ready for rolling out, potentially as soon as 2017, companies need to ensure that they’re shifting towards compliance or risk coming under fire, notes INOVO... FULL STORY >


Good time to dispose of old IT equipment

By Press Release 18 October 2016

Cash for faulty IT assets at end of lease. FULL STORY >


PoPI will require ITAD accreditation

By Press Release 11 October 2016

With the imminent appointment of the Information Regulator for the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), companies urgently need to upgrade their information technology security systems ahead of the implementation of the Act, says Xperien CEO Wale... FULL STORY >


Grace period for PoPI compliance nearly over

By Press Release 16 September 2016

Company executives must act swiftly, the grace period for compliance to the PoPI act is nearly over, says Xperien CEO Wale Arewa. FULL STORY >


Wait and see approach could be detrimental

By Press Release 8 July 2016

Many organisations have taken a wait and see approach to the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act. This is largely due to the delay in the appointment of an information regulator, who has the power to investigate and impose penalties for... FULL STORY >


Identity thieves target used hard drives

By Press Release 27 June 2016

With the amount of personal data stored on hard drives, they are especially targeted by syndicates because they are easy to resell. Xperien CEO Wale Arewa urges organisations to fully erase all personal data from all hard drives. FULL STORY >


PoPI’s effects on IT asset disposal

By Press Release 7 June 2016

The PoPI Act is awaiting an implementation date, but when in effect it will hold organisations liable for the safety of their information. FULL STORY >


Experts call for more law enforcement

By Press Release 2 June 2016

Companies should be aware of the constantly changing security environment and the ever-increasing threats, new legislation and best market practices. This was the key message at a recent event hosted by Xperien. FULL STORY >


Email is the ideal starting point on the journey toward PoPI compliance

By Staff Writer 12 August 2015

The much talked about Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act is now imminent, and organisations need to realise that the question is no longer around whether it will be implemented, but what they should do to gear up... FULL STORY >


Is your corporate Wi-Fi policy POPI compliant?

By Staff Writer 29 July 2015

In todays digitally driven, information saturated world, data privacy is a massive issue. One only needs to look at recent high profile cases of corporate cybercrime (Sony, AshleyMadison.com) to grasp the scope of the challenge. FULL STORY >


Get your small business ready for POPI

By Staff Writer 13 July 2015

Daryl Blundell, General Manager for Sage Pastel Accounting, takes you through the steps to prepare your small business for POPI. FULL STORY >


No more data loss coverups for SA businesses with POPI

By Staff Writer 21 April 2015

South Africa has an historical culture of non-disclosure and cover-ups when it comes to data loss and data breaches, but the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act will force much greater transparency, says Jos Floor of Floor Swart... FULL STORY >

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