Cloud in SA: A cautious approach?

By Staff Writer 8 April 2014

Despite questions around legacy systems and security, the march towards the cloud continues. Iwan Pienaar looks at what is influencing local companies’ viewpoints. FULL STORY >


MTN Business: Get Ready For A World Of Change

By Ryan Noik 28 March 2014

In a fascinating and lively interview, Kevin Jacobson, the general manager for enterprise marketing at MTN Business, explains how the business world is changing, and what the company is doing to take advantage of this shift. FULL STORY >


Technology Trends: What do they mean for CIO’s

By Staff Writer 24 March 2014

Largely the consequence of the rapid pace of technological change in the workplace, is that the role of the CIO has undergone a fundamental shift. FULL STORY >


Cisco predicts 2014’s Disruptive Technology Trends‏

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 12 March 2014

Based on information gathered from over 70 global ‘scouts’, Cisco’s Technology Radar has outlined the key technological trends and drivers for innovation and opportunities in 2014 and beyond. FULL STORY >


Motorola Solutions unveils its Safer Cities offerings

By Ryan Noik 12 February 2014

Motorola Solutions’ Safer Cities event in Cape Town highlighted the importance of more efficient use of technology to ensure that the cities in which people live are both more smartly managed and safer. FULL STORY >


TV’s future being shaped by its viewers

By Ryan Noik 28 October 2013

Apparently, TV lovers’ are not just passive recipients of the programming they are dished up, but rather, their needs and demands are having a direct influence on how television’s are used, according to Samsung. FULL STORY >


The changing face of education

By Ryan Noik 19 August 2013

The internet and the pervasiveness of an online, connected world have already changed a number of industries and sectors; and not being left behind is education, which seems to be undergoing a Renaissance of sorts. FULL STORY >


Man implants magnets in his ear to deliver music without headphones

By Thomas McKinnon 1 July 2013

Begging the question whether we are seeing the dawn of cybernetic implants, a man in Utah has implanted magnets in his ears to hear music in-ear without headphones. FULL STORY >


Top 3 mobile trends to look for during MWC 2013

By Hanleigh Daniels 13 February 2013

Strategy Analytics has provided a few tech trends to look out for during the upcoming 2013 Mobile World Congress. FULL STORY >


Top tech trends for 2013

By Ryan Noik 11 January 2013

As expected we all survived 2012, luckily with our iPads and ultrabooks intact. Here are a few of the trends we see on the technological front in 2013. FULL STORY >


Top tech trends for 2013 Part 2

By Staff Writer 11 January 2013

In part two of Tech Trends for 2013, we look at the things we want more off in 2013, and look at how we fared with our predictions for 2012. FULL STORY >


Juniper Research scales back its growth forecast of NFC

By Ryan Noik 6 December 2012

Juniper Research has now revised, and scaled back, its forecast of the growth of the NFC technology due to the iPhone 5's omittance. FULL STORY >


Gartner outlines Bring Your Own Device pathway

By Ryan Noik 5 December 2012

Gartner has addressed three of the major security concerns raised by the Bring Your Own Device trend. FULL STORY >


Bring your own device trend gaining momentum

By Ryan Noik 9 November 2012

A report has confirmed that bring your own device BYOD is the biggest trend affecting how businesses operate online. FULL STORY >


Wearable technology on the rise says Juniper Research

By Ryan Noik 31 October 2012

Juniper Research has explained why it believes wearable technology is set for a meteoric rise in adoption. FULL STORY >

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