Digitisation trends and technology advances spearhead transition to smart banking

By Press Release 13 October 2015

The global digital explosion is radically transforming the way the banking and finance sector operates, fuelling its transition from traditional to omni-channel operations FULL STORY >


There’s no bail out for this banking industry problem

By Staff Writer 15 September 2015

The finance sector is in agreement: there’s a major global threat to the success of the banking and finance industry, one that ignores boom and bust cycles, doesn’t care about stock market fluctuations and wouldn't bat an eyelid if... FULL STORY >


Stress testing and risk management in banking

By Staff Writer 20 August 2015

Stress testing is a balanced combination of historical as well as forward looking knowledge, such as statistical data, empirical observations and expert judgment. FULL STORY >


Nine global drivers of mobile money identified

By Staff Writer 16 June 2015

Global trade body Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) today released its annual Global Mobile Money report, indicating consumers embracing e-commerce and banking via mobile FULL STORY >


Robo-advisors coming to a bank near you

By Staff Writer 18 May 2015

There is clear evidence from across the investment world that technology led advice, “Robo-advice”, is gaining momentum. So says Yellowtail Business Solutions. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab launches One dollar lesson to educate users on banking cybercrime

By Staff Writer 14 May 2015

In an effort to make the very real threats of banking cybercrime easier to understand, Kaspersky Lab has launched its One dollar lesson modules for online users. FULL STORY >


Standard Bank debuts first biometric banking app in SA

By Staff Writer 9 April 2015

Standard Bank launches South Africa’s first biometric mobile banking solution for iOS users, utilising Apple’s TouchID technology. FULL STORY >


Sub-Saharan mobile money market anticipated to grow to R17 billion

By Ryan Noik 6 March 2015

According to a new study, the mobile money market in sub-Saharan Africa has some serious potential, and is expected to grow to R17.7 billion by 2019. FULL STORY >


Accolades: improving the customer and merchant experiences

By Staff Writer 13 January 2015

Mobile payment solutions aren’t anything new. Large players such as Square, Apple and Google have been dabbling in this field for some time. FULL STORY >


Absa launches online insurance platform

By Ryan Noik 5 September 2013

Absa has launched its new online insurance offering, which enables users to access six insurance and investment products from a central location. FULL STORY >


FNB launches next-gen banking app for tablets

By Staff Writer 15 April 2013

FNB has released a new banking app customised for tablet devices, which is available for download from today in app stores. FULL STORY >


Absa Bank launches new app

By Ryan Noik 11 April 2013

Absa Bank has launched a new app, which is aimed at offering customers banking convenience from the comfort of their mobile device. FULL STORY >


Nedbank launches point of sale solution

By Ryan Noik 11 February 2013

Nedbank has launched a payment solution which enables small and medium businesses to accept card payments more easily using their smartphone. FULL STORY >


FNB introduces new innovations to the FNB Banking App

By Staff Writer 30 October 2012

FNB announces a few improvements to its Banking App for mobile devices. FULL STORY >


More women adopting digital banking, says Absa report

By Ryan Noik 29 August 2012

The latest analysis of customer behaviour by Absa's Digital Banking unit has revealed that more women are now adopting digital banking, particularly using a cellphone. FULL STORY >

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