One Switch, Transfer your EcoFlow Power Stations from Portable to Home Backup Solutions

By Press Release 29 August 2023

Transfer switch compatible, DELTA Series and RIVER Series now seamlessly integrate into home circuits. FULL STORY >


ACDC Dynamics Portable Power Station

By Mike Joubert 21 August 2023

ACDC Dynamics’ Portable Power Station is a 150W unit fit for smaller jobs when heavy lifting is not required. FULL STORY >


EcoFlow River 2 portable power station

By Mike Joubert 8 August 2023

EcoFlow puts the emphasis on portable power with its good-looking River 2 power station. Can it keep up with our local load shedding? FULL STORY >


Feasibility of Cape Town’s plan to limit load shedding will come down to data

By Staff Writer 19 October 2022

Data and its management is emerging as critical to a new plan Cape Town has to deal with load shedding. FULL STORY >


What to consider when choosing a power backup plan

By Industry Contributor 22 June 2022

As Eskom announces more loadshedding pain ahead, Rectron's Matthew Hall looks at what alternative power sources are available, and answers questions that are commonly asked by people considering safeguarding their power supply. FULL STORY >


Cummins offers a range of solutions for load shedding and back-up power

By Press Release 30 November 2021

Cummins’ technology is particularly suited to dealing with load shedding due to features such as full load acceptance for critical equipment. A full range of alternative power solutions is available from mines to... FULL STORY >


A laymans guide to using alternative power solutions to mitigate load shedding

By Industry Contributor 5 October 2020

While South Africa continues to feel the effects of load shedding, now more than ever, South Africa is in need of reliable, high-end technology to mitigate the impact of rolling blackouts country wide. Rectron's... FULL STORY >


Vodacom addresses load shedding impact on its network

By Ryan Noik 10 December 2019

Vodacom has addressed the impact of Stage 4 and Stage 6 load shedding on its network, and why users may experience intermittent issues during extended periods of load shedding. FULL STORY >


Combat load shedding with BT-QUBE

By Staff Writer 4 September 2015

Although the economic impact of load shedding is unknown, the harsh reality is that it will be around for many years to come. FULL STORY >


Power that never cuts

By Staff Writer 26 May 2015

In the wake of months of power outages from load shedding, many South Africans are exploring alternative energy sources as a means to keep the lights on. FULL STORY >


Load shedding exacerbates data management challenges

By Ryan Noik 16 April 2015

The impact of load shedding on an organisation’s data management capabilities is adding a level of uncertainty to boardroom discussions about technology. FULL STORY >


Jasco Power launches Jnet 1-10KVA UPS range

By Staff Writer 20 February 2015

Jasco Power Solutions has launched a new range of high frequency 1-10Kva UPS’ that will offer small and medium-sized local businesses the daily risk coverage they need to survive the load shedding that is likely to become the norm in South Africa. ... FULL STORY >


Quick Review: Powertraveller PowerGorilla

By Ryan Noik 29 January 2015

Now that the spectre of load shedding once again looms, portable power packs have never been more relevant. Thankfully the PowerGorilla beats its chest and can keep you mostly functional when the lights go out. FULL STORY >


The neophyte’s guide to preparing for a powercut

By Ryan Noik 31 March 2014

It’s every geek, no, every modern day native’s worst nightmare – you wake up or get home from work to discover you are in the midst of a load shedding blackout, or power cut, with end time unknown. Here are some of our top measures you... FULL STORY >

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