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To effectively deliver a product or user experience in our current economic environment and incredibly competitive market, brands need to focus on the areas of customer delivery that encourage brand loyalty. Acer Africa has built this objective into a key business growth strategy for the next year as they believe that service – not only at distribution or store level, but after the product has been sold, is an area that will differentiate them from other vendors.  With this in mind, Acer Africa has brought their call centre service in-house and on-site which will reduce turnaround times, put customers directly in touch with Acer employees to better service the enquiry, and provide an immediate link between the call or service centre and all Acer’s approved repair teams.
Acer Africa has consistently scored a 95% completion rate when carrying out any customer repairs and with this facility being pulled on-site, this turnaround timeframe will stay at a two day maximum.
Since Acer has reentered the SADC region, all repairs and services carried out across Mauritius, Botswana and Namibia will also receive the same level of on-site service as any Acer user within the South African borders – a toll free contact centre and 48 hour repair time. “By bridging the gap between out-sourced call and repair centres that may not have the best of our customers’ interests at heart was a strategic move aligned to our vision of delivering a service driven business model,” says Dave Malherbe, Acer Africa Country Service Manager.
Logging a repair has been made simple and user friendly:
1.    Log your query with the Acer Africa On-Site Service Centre
2.    Provide your invoice to ensure warranty is still valid
3.    The On-Site Service Centre will provide information where repair/replacement or basic IT services are required
4.    Necessary repairs will be scheduled, assessed and repaired by Acer’s accredited repair centre team/s
5.    Repair completed and returned to end-user within 2 working days
With this move, Acer are able to manage repairs as well as basic IT services to the end user who may not have been afforded this facility in house given their business structure. By having direct access to the data and level of activity, Acer Africa is also able to scale their capacity to suit the customers’ needs. “Our next step that we hope to identify from this change is that we will be able to offer an IT support service for local and SADC SME businesses who may not have internal IT support facilities,” concluded Malherbe

For easy reference, we have listed Acer’s Product Warranty Information:

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