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Every South African has a right to education and the basic resources they need to succeed on this journey. With 40 years’ experience in developing innovative and easy-to-use tools, Acer for Education is well suited to meeting the needs of educational institutions, and believe that the most valuable part of computing technology lies in its power to share knowledge.

Acer for Education is dedicated to serving the needs of the education market and empowering the youth through technology and education based solutions which enables teachers and their students to create new ways of interacting. All Acer products are reliable and easy to use and offer the best technological assets that help make the learning process more collaborative and fun.

Providing a solution rather than just a product, Acer for Education offer a broad portfolio of innovative options that range from tablets, 2-in-1 devices, notebooks, chromebooks, desktops, monitors and projectors - all designed to support dynamic, interactive and connected learning environments.

Acer’s CloudProfessor, an IoT (Internet of Things) education kit featuring BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) technology, is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds that delivers an out of the box, plug-and-play, hardware and software solution that also offers tutorials and starter modules that help teach users about IoT development. The CloudProfessor design offers flexibility of choice with regards to programming or development language, which enables learning to take place from any mobile or smartphone device.

“Acer’s goal is to continue to innovate and build the most reliable and innovative solutions to support the Education segment of South Africa,” said Bernadine Jeffrey, Education and Channel Sales Manager. “Acer has a global business unit which focuses solely on the education and the development thereof. Our products have been designed to provide learners with a supplementary understanding of their school curriculum via our structured programmes, hardware and software solutions which will prove fundamental to their future as part of the working world.”

Currently involved in a number of education projects, Acer for Education is providing solutions for secondary and tertiary education institutions as well as adult learning programmes catered to varied education levels.. From the Orlando Pirates Learning Centre which provides a learning facility for children within the Orlando area in Soweto, to the University of Witwatersrand Chromebook pilot in partnership with Intel and Google which has been established as part of the university’s mobility strategy. More recently, Acer for Education has also partnered with Computers for Kids, which is a Southern African computer education company run by a team of fully qualified educators that addresses the critical need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) digital content, training and Digital Literacy support at school level.

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