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EcoFlow, a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company, has reached a new milestone with the launch of its latest innovation, the PowerStream, a mini home solar system that potentially helps users save on energy bills. This groundbreaking expandable system can also provide backup power when connected to a portable power station, making it a simple, flexible, and reliable energy source at home.

With over 2.5 million users worldwide, EcoFlow has established itself as a leader in the portable power industry. During load shedding last year, the EcoFlow portable power stations helped power over 50,000 families in South Africa. The PowerStream marks the company's expansion into the home solar energy solutions market, responding to the growing demand for sustainable and reliable energy solutions that households can depend on.

“Home solar energy solutions play an increasingly important role in an age of frequent energy crises, and that's what inspired the EcoFlow PowerStream,” said Bradley Chetty, Key Account Director at EcoFlow South Africa. “EcoFlow is committed to a future where everyone can care for their families and combat climate disasters, aging grids, and rising energy bills, and PowerStream is our first step towards that future."

Keep Home Powered During Load Shedding

The PowerStream is an expandable system that includes the EcoFlow PowerStream Microinverter, solar panels, and EcoFlow portable power stations if users want to store excessive energy generated through the system.

When incorporating portable power stations into the system, the stored energy can continue to power the home throughout the night, and provide users with peace of mind during load shedding by keeping the essential devices up and running - from heavy-duty appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators to low-wattage devices like phones and tablets.

With a maximum 800W solar input, the PowerStream generates around 1277kWh[1] of electricity annually, covering a great amount of electricity an average household consumes yearly. Using the EcoFlow app, users can keep track of the solar energy captured, and the estimated saving on energy costs, and get a clear picture of their home energy usage.

A Plug-and-Play System with High Compatibility

The PowerStream is designed for the users to install by themselves as the microinverter, solar panels and portable power stations are all plug-and-play. The solar panels also fit in different scenarios, including flat or house balconies, house gardens, and house Façades. Using the EcoFlow super-flat cables, users don’t need to drill through walls or windows to connect the system outdoors to indoors.

The system is compatible with 99% of solar panels on the market and works with all EcoFlow portable power stations, including the DELTA Pro, if users want to store more surplus energy and save more on energy bills. With a base capacity of 3.6kWh and expandable up to 7.2kWh, the DELTA Pro provides reliable power for 99% of home appliances, making it one of the best companions for the PowerStream.

An Entry-level System for Every Home

The PowerStream is an ideal home solar system for beginners, especially if they have already been using solar panels and EcoFlow portable power stations at home. The PowerStream microinverter features a compact design and is lightweight. It can easily blend in users' houses or apartments.

Plus, when users look to enjoy outdoor activities, they can disconnect the portable power station and use it on the go. If moving to new apartments or houses, the entire system can be easily unplugged and packed to go.

Price and Availability

Currently available on the EcoFlow South Africa website, the PowerStream comes in different kits with an Early Bird discount till 31st March 2024.

The No-Storage Kit includes only the PowerStream microinverter, two EcoFlow 400W Rigid Solar Panels, one solar cable, and one EcoFlow AC cable. The kit is priced at R 14,999 for an Early Bird discount.

The 3-kWh Storage Kit includes the PowerStream microinverter with the EcoFlow solar cable and AC cable, an EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power station with an EB cable and two EcoFlow 400W Rigid Solar Panels. The kit is currently priced at R 61,999 for an Early Bird discount.

To learn more about kits with different storage options, please visit:



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