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Local biometrics solutions provider Ideco has partnered with PayDay Software Systems to implement an automated time and attendance solution at Engen Ermelo.

Ideco supplied a MorphoAccess MA500+ fingerprint reader, a high-performance state-of-the-art fingerprint identification terminal for physical access control and time and attendance and also a MSO300 enrolment device. Since Engen Ermelo had only ever done manual calculations, this was a huge leap to technology to assist with the pay run and staff attendance.

Engen Ermelo manager Kobus van Heerden says they previously recorded hours and time-off manually. "We calculated the salaries and wages on paper sign-in sheets and then entered it into the PayDay Payroll system."

Andrew Duggan, PayDay Business Manager: Time and Attendance says PayDay's software helps businesses like Engen manage their workforce and track employees in an easier, more efficient and affordable way. "Companies of all sizes and all industries are increasingly implementing automated time and attendance systems that incorporate biometric time clocks."

He says the old outdated time and attendance system, using time sheets to control times, was open to 'buddy' clocking and dishonesty. "We were able to offer Engen software that can handle the complications of the different shifts to assist with calculations of hours worked and if any leave transactions are processed in the payroll, the Payday Time and Attendance solution will mark the employee as on leave and allocate the hours for the total period."

Ideco managing director Marius Coetzee says this was a straight forward time and attendance installation with one MA500+ clocking station and one enrolment station. "The device connects to the database via LAN and the service collects the in and out clocks at set intervals. Employee shift rules are all setup within the Payday Time and Attendance software and the reports are generated from the client's computer."

The MorphoAccess 500+ Series (MA 500+) are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance. They use the Morpho proprietary algorithms, which have acquired worldwide reputation for their accuracy and level of performance.

Coetzee says the MA 500+ series offers value-added retailers and access control manufacturers a reliable, powerful and scalable solution. "Their rapidity and networking capabilities enable them to address all security applications, from one-door control to the protection of buildings, warehouses, vast infrastructures and government departments."

"We only recommend biometric readers that work accurately, reliably and consistently. Our readers are high performance biometric readers, tried, tested and proven in the harshest environments, used by thousands of organisations. They are perfect for access control and workforce management," he explains.

In total, Engen has around 50 staff members and the time and attendance system was implemented to cut out on overtime and to ensure that the employee time keeping is managed easily. The strategy was to run the system concurrently with a manual sign-in sheet along with CCTV cameras to ensure that the data captured could be verified. This is still in place as Engen feels it is important to have procedures in place should any disputes arise when it comes to salaries and wages.

One of the largest obstacles found with any time and attendance installation is getting the staff to clock in and out correctly. The simple procedure of clocking in and out is often filled with mistakes where employees will clock in when they arrive at work and then clock in again when they clock off duty.

PayDay's Time and Attendance software had to cater for this problem and has now built in a very easy way to switch the time stamp to the correct direction. After running the system in a test environment and teaching the management on how to monitor the clocking habits, the staff quickly learned how to sign on and off duty correctly and these exceptions have become a thing of the past.

Duggan says Engen has a complex method of rostering employees for their bi weekly shifts. "In order to calculate whether the employee is required to be on duty and have the shift rules comply accordingly, was a challenge. However, the PayDay software solution is able to cater for these unique rostering requirements."

"Information at our fingertips and clocking history and attendance reports can be pulled up, as and when required. This has greatly assisted us with keeping track of employee times and overtimes. We are moving forward with rostering the shift workers and once this last stage is completed, we will pull the final hours for each pay period directly into the Payday Payroll system," says Van Heerden.

“This will further cut down on any manual entries and shall speed up the pay run and free up valuable admin time to focus on other aspects of the business. We are able to support the client remotely should there be any software support required which cuts down dramatically on consultation logistics," Duggan explains.

"The way that the Time and Attendance system was presented and implemented by PayDay, was of a high standard. All training and problem solving was done in a professional manner, which makes time saving a factor and gives the office more time to spend on other admin duties. A good return on investment," Van Heerden concludes.



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