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The new additions to Fortinet’s FortiDDoS range include a 100% percent behaviour-based DDoS attack mitigation engine. When combined with the single-path custom ASIC, the company believes the system will be able to detect more types of attacks and perform up to 10x faster than other competing DDoS mitigation appliances.

Fortinet designed four different models to provide scalable options for data centre managers, system architects and managed service providers to choose for their specifically sized enterprise. In order to match its highly specced network security devices, Fortinet has integrated a host of technological tools to ensure users’ infrastructure is not hampered by threats in any way.

Some of the key enhancements include an IP Reputation scoring and continuous attack re-evaluation system to identify and block threatening traffic and reduce risks of false-positive detections.These devices also tout stealth activity prevention to help find spoofers and worm outbreaks, as well as centralised alerts, role-based management and self-service portals to provide flexible management and integration.

The lower end of the range includes the 400B and 800B, with the main difference between the being the support for simultaneous connections and Gbps speed. The 400B clocks in at 4 Gbps and caters for anywhere up to one million connections, with the 800B measuring 8 Gbps and fitted with the capacity for a maximum of two million connections. Both units integrate RJ-45 copper and SFP ports to allow for WAN and LAN connectivity.

At the higher end of the scale is the 1000B and 2000B models, which register 12 Gbps and 24 Gbps speeds respectively. Fortinet has fitted these premium versions with similarly high spec ports, with the 1000B sporting sixteen 10 Gbps SPF+ slots for LAN and WAN connectivity and support for up to three million connections. As expected, the 2000B is fitted with sixteen 10 Gbps SPF+ slots as well as four 10 Gbps SPF+ bypass ports and capacity for up to six million connections.



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