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STRAX has today announced the availability of the latest Gear4 Wembley case for the new range of Huawei P20 smartphones. Gear4, UK’s number 1 phone case brand, has introduced a new range of ‘lite’ cases that are made from impact absorbing Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and incorporate D3O to provide military grade protection to the latest P20 smartphones.

The team at Gear4 understand the value of a smartphone, beyond the expense. A smartphone is a research tool, communication device, an entertainment system and keeps precious memories and reminders safe. As such they have developed cases using the most impact resistant materials specifically to provide the best protection for smartphones.

TPU is a class of polyurethane plastics that offer various properties including elasticity, transparency, oil resistance, impact absorption and scratch protection. TPU is a key ingredient used in the development of Wembley Gear4 cases which provides the added scratch resistant protection previously not seen other Gear4 cases. With the added benefit of embedded D3O, the world’s leading impact protection material, in the frame of the case, the phone is protected from damage on impact after a drop.

D3O is the thinnest most advanced impact protection material in the world and its benefit can be seen at a molecular level: If the smart material is secure in a person's hand or on a table, it is flexible. However, in the event of a vibration, caused by a fall for example, the molecules inside the D3O® material bind together and form an extremely stable structure. The kinetic energy is absorbed and lessened upon impact, meaning that the smartphone is protected by this material.

While screen damage is often top of mind for smartphone users, Gear4 cases protect against internal damage that often goes unnoticed after a drop. Smartphones today have more computer power than ever before, and this needs to be protected. With D3O embedded into the case, the impact of a drop or fall is dispersed on impact to protect the delicate components inside the phone.

The Gear4 cases boast the military standards badge of approval, having passed the series of US military testing standards, but the company focuses on a range of additional standards to bring consumers peace of mind that their smartphone is safe from impact damage. The D3O used in Gear4 cases, has surpassed requirements in other industries such as sports, motorbikes and the Ministry of Defence which have much more stringent tests than the military standard and are required to meet independent testing standards. Gear4 believes that if D3O can protect a body in motorbike leathers at 100mps, it is going to protect a smartphone from damage after a drop.

To get the latest Gear4 cases from R529 to R899 visit or your nearest MTN store.



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