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Horizen proudly announces the official launch of its rugged AirTag Cases, South Africa’s first 3D printed and sustainable solution for Apple AirTag owners. Designed for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, these cases provide reliable protection for AirTags and contribute to wildlife conservation efforts.

In South Africa, there is a rising trend of people using AirTags to track their belongings. However, Horizen found that the existing AirTag cases on the market - none of which are manufactured locally - presented issues of fragility, poor fit, and lack of waterproofing essential for outdoor activities.

Every AirTag case tested broke, didn’t quite fit, or lacked the waterproofing essential for outdoor adventures. This led to a pile of discarded AirTag cases, contributing to the plastic waste issue.

This exacerbates the environmental toll of conventional manufacturing and importing: the carbon footprints from international transport, the plastic waste crisis, and the impact of mass production on worker well-being.

Horizen wanted to create a product that gives back to the environment, rather than taking away. Founder Calvin Terblanche says "Our product is built to last rather than becoming obsolete, and ending up in the bin. We’ve considered its impact on the environment, animals and people."

Horizen AirTag Cases are ideal for Apple AirTag owners who prioritise reliability and sustainability. Whether tracking hiking gear, bicycles, pets, or vehicles, adventurers can trust Horizen to keep their AirTags safe in any environment.

Horizen's Solution:

- Locally Made in South Africa: Horizen AirTag Cases are 3D printed in South Africa, reducing carbon emissions from shipping and supporting local producers.

- Recycled Materials: Failed 3D prints are recycled into 3D filament for use in Horizen’s products. This uses 90% less energy than virgin plastic.

- Made to Last: Horizen AirTag Cases are tested in harsh outdoor conditions to ensure reliable protection against impacts, bumps, and scratches. Plus, waterproof models keep your AirTag safe when submerged up to 50 metres.

- Support for Nature Conservation: Horizen is committed to giving back. 1% of every purchase is donated to FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, aiding in rehabilitating and releasing indigenous animals into their natural habitats.

- Variety: From keyrings to bike mounts and dog collar attachments, Horizen offers a range of versatile AirTag cases for users to customise their tracking experience.

Lindie from Cape Town shares, "We are immigrating and I wanted to take something authentically South African with me. Your products scream 'Africa Build Quality'."

Aside from its reliable AirTag protection, Horizen encourages consumers to consider the impact of their purchases on the environment. Founder Calvin adds, "We don’t always consider where our products come from, how they’re made, what materials are used, and their impact on the environment. Most companies don’t share this information; we should ask: why not?"

Horizen rugged AirTag Cases are 3D printed and sustainable, a first in South Africa. The company prides itself on transparency in its supply chain, ensuring customers know the journey of their product from creation to purchase.

Users can purchase Horizen’s rugged AirTag Cases securely online at



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