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Inobits, a member of the Aptronics Group of Companies under Ubusha, is a company that doesn’t believe in doing things by halves. Since 1999, it has provided high-value consulting, software design and architecture services focused around the Microsoft industry space.

Inobits understands the value of firsts and prides itself on being the frontrunner in the provision of quality business and IT solutions. It was the first specialised Microsoft consulting house of its kind in South Africa and remains the market leader in delivering cutting edge products and services within the country.

According to Inobits’ managing director Hud Krause, the reason the company is able to skill up on new technologies and deliver these solutions to customers before anyone else is due to the close relationship it shares with Microsoft. This relationship ensures that the company is frequently invited to participate in Microsoft’s exclusive Early Adopter Programs (EAPs), empowering it to drive innovation while maintaining technical leadership within the Microsoft sphere.

At the same time, Inobits maintains a motivated and experienced team of industry experts at all levels of its organisation. The company’s top-notch consulting and development teams are perfectly equipped to handle all of the challenges that clients face, no matter the complexity.

For Krause, the reason for Inobits’ continued technical leadership is simple: “We employ a lot of Microsoft experts, maintain very strong vendor relationships and engage in extensive consulting on behalf Microsoft to their customers”.

Inobits has built its company offerings around three key service areas: DEVELOP, BUILD and RUN. The DEVELOP business unit builds software products and performs bespoke development for customers while the BUILD team focuses on implementing systems and infrastructure. The RUN unit is designed to complement development and systems-building by continuing to engage with customers and ensure that integration runs smoothly.

It is this that sets Inobits apart from its competitors – its understanding that, in order to be a leader, it must put relationships with customers, vendors, partners and industry experts first.

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