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Kagiso Media has launched an eSports platform, Mega8 eSports (“Mega8”), in a bid to further grow and legitimise the competitive gaming industry in South Africa. Mega8 gives gamers the opportunity to win ample prize money on a regular basis by hosting regular tournaments. The gaming platform was acquired by Kagiso Media from Cape Town based software developers, Critter, who are now a shareholder in Mega8.

Chief Innovation Officer at Kagiso Media Vincent Maher explains that Mega8 was born with gamers in mind. “While the eSports industry in South Africa has grown somewhat recently, with local tournaments featuring better prize pools, it is still a relatively young industry. It is poised for an explosion in growth with improved internet speeds now more widely available. Predictions suggest that by 2019 the local gaming market will be a R3-billion industry.”

Kagiso Media CEO Mark Harris says, “The launch of Mega8 indicates Kagiso Media’s commitment to being at the forefront of developing media trends. We’re a progressive media company that has identified the eSports phenomenon as a burgeoning industry.”

Mega8, together with headline sponsor MTN, will stage its first tournament, The Summer Invitational, from 02-04 December to give the top Dota 2 teams across South Africa the opportunity to participate on the new platform and compete for R50 000 in prize money. The online tournament will also be streamed live via and YouTube.

Mega8 will thereafter launch official seasons and regularly host tournaments, starting in 2017. Maher explains Kagiso Media’s aim to build the local gaming industry. “With direct links to large media and broadcasting corporations, Kagiso Media intends to grow the local audience. We also hope to turn our local gamers into sports icons, much like top gamers are viewed in other parts of the world. It’s an exciting time for eSports in South Africa.”

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