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LG Electronics has officially announced its Black Friday specials. For the entire month of November, a range of innovative home entertainment products will be on sale. For consumers looking to turn up the volume this festive season – or turn their living rooms into a world-class cinema – this year’s Life’s Good Celebration Black November sale is the perfect chance to save big on upgrading your lounge.

From the 1st to the 30th of November 2022, LG will offer not-to-be-missed deals on certain OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD TV models. A selection of their top-of-the-range soundbars, HiFi, and Home Theatre sound systems will also be up for grabs to complete the home cinema setup with immersive audio.

The ultimate cinematic experiences: OLED

LG’s OLED TVs represent a technological breakthrough in the world of at-home cinema. OLED TVs are powered by more than 100 million self-lit pixels. And because each pixel can turn on and off, these TVs deliver perfect blacks, deep and vibrant colours, and infinite contrast. This is why OLED showcases sports in breath-taking detail, brings cinematic experiences and your favourite series to life.

LG’s latest OLED TVs also boast a near-instantaneous response time of 0.1 milliseconds, allowing them to change colours faster to display fast-moving scenes with less blur and flickering – one of the many features that makes OLED ideal for gamers and sports enthusiasts alike. OLED TVs are Flicker Free and emit up to 50% less blue light than conventional back-lit TVs, meaning that you can enjoy movie marathons and gaming sessions without the drawbacks of eye strain. Stock is limited, so don’t miss out on getting your own OLED TV this Black November.

Save a massive R8,000 when you buy the LG 4K 65” OLED CS for R36,999.

Or save R5,000 when you buy the LG 4K 55” OLED CS for only R19,999.

Quantum Dot meets NanoCell

LG was the first manufacturer to combine its NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies into one cutting-edge TV − the LG QNED. Quantum Dot tech uses semiconducting nanocrystals that enhance colour reproduction; NanoCell uses nanoparticles to filter and refine colour impurities on a microscopic level. The result? Purer colours and more accurate image quality since duller colours no longer filter through to diminish the overall brightness and colour accuracy. QNED TVs also come in stunning True 4K and 8K resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate for a whole new level of immersion.

Save R5,000 on the 65” 4K QNED806 TV , which will be on sale for R19,999

Save R4,000 when you get your hands on LG’s 4K 55” QNED806  TV for only R14,999.

With a saving of R4,000LG’s 65” 4K NanoCell796 TV will also be on promotion for R14,999.

And for those looking for the big-screen experience, you save R7,000 when you buy LG’s massive 86” UQ9000 UHD TV for R27,999.

Turn up the volume

A home theatre would not be complete without the sound to do a big screen justice. LG’s SN11 Soundbars – a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honouree in the audio category – will provide unforgettable sound experiences. The SN11 Soundbars feature Dolby Atmos – an object-based surround sound format that enables true 3D audio by adding a height dimension to traditional surround sound. Meridian technology delivers deeper bass and richer tones, while AI Sound Pro technology automatically analyses the genre of the movie or sport you are watching and optimises the audio settings accordingly.

LG’s SN11 Dolby Atmos Soundbar provides 7.1.4 channels of immersive surround sound with a 770W of power. With a significant saving of R5,000, it will retail for as little as R16,999.

LG’s SN7Y Soundbar provides 3.1.2 channels of surround sound and comes with Meridian Audio and Dolby Atmos. Save R1,500 on the SN7Y, which will retail for R6,499.

With a saving of R500, the LG 2.1Ch 300W SL4F Soundbar comes with a wireless Subwoofer and FM radio, and will be on promotion for only R2,999.

LG’s also got sound system promotions in store that are sure to bring music to your ears. The LHD687 provides 4.2 channels of surround sound and is designed for easy installation without any complicated wiring. The home theatre has built-in dual subwoofers for an amplified bass experience and 1,250 watts of sheer audio power.

LG’s ARX10 speakers are sure to get any party started this holiday with 12 inch subwoofers. These speakers provide a whopping 2,300 watts of power. They also come with Bluetooth and a Smart DJ feature that allows you to try out various sound effects and mix tracks effortlessly.

Save R1,000 when you buy the LG LHD687 Home Theatre for R6,499.

Save R3,000 by grabbing the ARX10 Home Theatre for only R11,999.

Big deals to look forward to

With all these cutting-edge TVs and sound products on promotion, this year’s Life’s Good Celebration Black November sale is the perfect opportunity for anyone to invest in their own world-class cinematic experiences – all in the comfort of their own home.

To learn more about the LG home entertainment products that will be on promotion this November, visit



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