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The digital world is changing rapidly, people are seeking meaningful content to engage with and animation is at the forefront of this revolution. This is according to Matchfire Motion, an animation studio that is driving new age digital thinking in marketing.
The company has launched a campaign aimed at NGO's and start-ups to tell their story through animation. By submitting their cause, Matchfire Motion will select one that will benefit most from an animation and then create it absolutely free.
"Whether you’re an NGO saving the world or a start-up destined for the moon, we know how challenging being a small fish in the big sea can be. This is why we want to use our animation powers to tell your amazing stories. With your story and a bit of our spark, we'll help you start a fire," says Matchfire Motion director Tristan Coetzee.
Specialising in animated video content, combining vivid storytelling with captivating illustrations, immersive animation and emotive sound design, Matchfire Motion brings ideas and processes to life in the most engaging form of sharable communication available.
Matchfire Motion keeps pushing to understand the new age digital thinking behind marketing and the growing need for a type of content that captivates its audience, delivers information and complex thoughts seamlessly, engages its audience and captures their attention.
"Our projects tend to be filled with diversity and challenges, from creating high-energy short-content animation pieces to launch new products, companies and brand awareness through to helping our clients unfold and communicate complex thoughts and processes, taking their brand and product engagement to a level they’ve never achieved before," he explains.
Matchfire Motion saw the need to create content with substance and the best way to combine design, creative writing, illustration, animation and song writing skills into one engaging product, was through animation.
"Our process in a nutshell, we identify the communication gap and dive straight into understanding what our client is trying to say and who they are talking to and probably most importantly, how that somebody is going to engage with and interpret it," says Coetzee.
"We truly love bringing a simple concept into motion, filled and passionate life. Our mission at Matchfire Motion is to push South Africa’s animation to competing levels with the rest of the globe, along the way helping brands communicate in truly meaningful ways," he concludes.



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