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MyCybercare has partnered with the Eyeonid Group AB to further protect its customers from cyber threats. MyCybercare, a specialist insurance provider underwritten by Genric Insurance, protects individuals and businesses from loss of funds as a result of Online cyber crime. Eyeonid offers proactive ID protection, with a service that monitors and alerts customers when sensitive, private and corporate digital information, such as Login Credentials, Bank Account Number, Credit Card Numbers,  ID Numbers and Email Addresses, are found at unauthorised sites on the internet, so the customer can act and protect themselves.

“The solution monitors the Entire Web, specifically The Dark Web and Chat Forums, the solution is also constantly searching for existing and new unknown Hacker Forums and Hacking Communities. Its next Level sophistication, now available to the “average man/woman in the street”. Says Campbell-Young. ‘Its also a must have for any Bank, ISP, Telco, Onliner, Credit Card Provider or Insurer that deals in Business or Personal customer data

Eyeonid Group AB will provide a customer portal and a proactive ID monitoring service, which will be integrated with the existing IT platform provided by MyCybercare. MyCybercare has an existing distribution agreement with a well-known global provider of antivirus software. This anti-virus software, together with the insurance, will now be bundled with the Proactive ID Monitoring Service from Eyeonid Group.

The agreement is valid of two years, and is valued at approximately R5 mil. It will initially be offered to African MyCybercare customers, expanding into Europe, ME and India within the next six months. The sale of the service will be done through the existing MyCybercare e-commerce service as well as in various physical and virtual product packages through local and global partners managed by MyCybercare.

The service can also be available via Mycybrcare to its existing and new partners, as a “White Labelled Solution”, or fully Integrated into an existing framework via API.

Africa is an important market for Eyeonid due to the potential volume of customers and the maturity of internet usage. The team behind MyCybercare have a strong footprint of success all over the African region and a very good understanding on how to integrate and position our service into their existing product offering. I’m very excited that we have been able to sign such an experienced partner for the African territory and it proves once again that we have a very solid offering on the international market,” says Daniel Söderberg, CEO of Eyeonid Group AB.

“We are very happy with this agreement with Eyeonid Group. The solution will be fully integrated with the MyCybercare suite of insurance products and will form part of the new MyCybercare Personal Monitoring Services. The service will look to offer customers always-on, live monitoring of personal info such as ID, email, credit card and phone numbers. The system will search the web, including the dark web, providing alerts and remediation should there be fraudulent input. We have seen a strong demand for a solution such as this in our markets, and have evaluated several ID-monitoring solutions. Our conclusion is that the service from Eyeonid is a state-of-the-art solution that will work perfectly with our offering and provide the future proof solution that we need,” concludes Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of MyCybercare.



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