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It’s estimated that up to 22 million people in South Africa own a smartphone, using it to navigate their daily schedules to make life as convenient as possible. OPPO, which launched in September of last year, has already entered the top 5 smartphone brands to own locally while having just this week introduced two of their latest models, A15 and A53s into all MTN stores nationwide. 

Hardware at a soft price 

The smartphone brand prioritises world-class technology encased in technological art, all while remaining affordable to the everyday local. Both models boast an impressive 13MP rear camera and 720p HD screen, making living and managing life easy. 

“OPPO is dedicated to offering technology that does more, but costs less. It's about creating a platform that encourages users to explore, experience and experiment with the power of our handheld devices, without breaking the bank,” says Liam Faurie, Head of GTM Operations at OPPO South Africa

The partnership with MTN will also see the illustrious mint-cream model sold exclusively to customers of the leading network provider. 

Live Locally 

South African has an internet penetration rate of 62%, and this is expected to grow over the coming years as more locals migrate to online mechanisms of continuance. With rapid developments in infrastructure to support this online dominance, South Africa is quickly closing the gap between the digital divide. 

“South Africa presents a unique landscape for OPPO, and year on year we’ve seen an increased demand for affordable technology not just here but on a global scale. Our smartphones bring uncompromised facilities to make online activity accessible, affordable and adequate,” concludes Fourie. 

Further to this, locals who opt to own an OPPO device have access to OPPO Rewards and by purchasing the A15 and A53s from MTN.

In its short few months in South Africa, OPPO has already redefined technology and promises there will be much more to come in the next several months. 

Additional Information: 

The A15 will be available on the My MTNChoice Flexi R60 at R179 per month for 24 months, and the A53s will be available on the My MTNChoice Flexi R60 at R269 per month for 24 months. Both handsets will come bundled with a free Bluetooth speaker and rewards valued at R1300, including R60 airtime.



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