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Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison showcased innovations across the world’s most complete, open and integrated Cloud computing platform in his opening keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Ellison introduced Oracle Database 12c Release 2, as well as more than 20 new Oracle Cloud Platform and Application services that extend choice and access for customers and partners globally. Industry-first innovations highlighted include a new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that is orders of magnitudes faster and more scalable than other Cloud database services and new Adaptive Intelligence Applications that use machine learning to power the next generation of Cloud applications.

The release of Oracle’s world’s number one database, Oracle Database 12c Release 2, coming first in the Cloud, marks a new era of magnitude and innovation for the enterprise. Building on its unique multi-tenant architecture and in-memory technology, Oracle’s flagship database is able to drive robust enterprise workloads faster than the nearest competitor.

Additional innovations unveiled across the Oracle Cloud include:

·         New public sector and revenue management Cloud services as part of Oracle ERP Cloud

·         Modern employee engagement capabilities as part of Oracle HCM Cloud

·         Expanded packaged industry solutions, new blended agent capabilities for sales and service professionals and expanded B2B commerce functionality within Oracle CX Cloud

·         New financial consolidation and close and profitability and cost management capabilities within Oracle EPM Cloud

·         Exadata Express Cloud Service

·         Container Cloud service to support Cloud developers and make managing containers easy on the public Cloud

·         API Cloud service to help developers create, secure, manage and analyze APIs

·         Enhanced mobile Cloud services that include support for chatbots

·         Low-code development platform that enables business users and developers quickly and easily to extend services and build new applications

·         Integration Cloud service to support integration of Cloud and on-premises applications

·         New analytics Cloud suite to connect data sources and instantly visualize any data on any device

·         Big data discovery Cloud service to visualize and discover hidden value in all data

·         Internet of Things applications for asset management, production insights, connected worker and fleet management

·         Management Cloud services that use machine learning to identify threats and provide early warnings

Quotes from Larry Ellison’s keynote presentation:

·         “Amazon’s lead is over. Amazon is going to have serious competition going forward. And we’re very proud of our second generation of Infrastructure as a Service. We’re going to be focusing on it and aggressively featuring it not only during Oracle OpenWorld but for the remainder of this fiscal year and next fiscal year and the year after that.”

·         “We have more SaaS applications by a huge margin than any other cloud services provider. We have HCM suite, CRM Suite, Customer Experience Suite plus lots and lots of industry suites as well. And we’re constantly, constantly adding to our footprint.”

·         “There are two big databases that keep track of consumers, if you will, and have a lot of information about consumers. One is very famous. It’s called Facebook. The other one is less well known. It’s Oracle’s Data Cloud. We actually have more consumers in our data cloud than they have in theirs.”

·         “You will see as we develop features for the cloud, we’ll also start delivering our software in the cloud first. Clearly it’s going to go on-premises, but the first deployment of our database and a lot of our software now is going to go to the cloud first.”

·         “We have toolsets for developers who want to extend and migrate their existing enterprise applications to the cloud. We have toolsets for cloud-centric developers who are developing all new applications that will only be in the cloud. And we have toolsets for business users, where they can easily, without writing code, easily create extensions to our SaaS applications and even build something.”

·         “Our new second-generation datacenters offer twice as many cores as Amazon, twice as much memory as Amazon, four times as much storage as Amazon, and more than 10 times the I/O capacity of Amazon. But you have to be willing to pay less. If you’re not willing to pay less, you can’t place the order.”

·         “Oracle competes at all three levels of the cloud, all three tiers of the cloud.”



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