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Pinnacle, SA’s leading ICT distributor, is running a ‘FireSale’ on three Dell monitors, the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Monitor, the Dell 21.5 Essential Monitor and the Dell 20 Essential Monitor.

Brett Bygate, Dell Brand Executive at Pinnacle, says many workers today are held back by the size limitations of the screens on their devices. “The flip side of laptops and other devices getting smaller and thinner, is that the size of the monitor shrinks at the same time.”

An employee may, for example, be viewing a PowerPoint presentation, while running their browser, email and having an Excel spreadsheet open at the same time. To switch between active windows, takes focus away from critical activities, and something as simple as editing a document can become a frustrating and onerous task.”

In this way, having more screen space is the answer, and enables staff to get their work done more efficiently and effectively, he adds.

According to Bygate, having an additional monitor helps users process documents more easily, as they can maximise their space by employing multiple windows, featuring related sources of work and information. “This could include comparing two, or even multiple files, as they can be positioned next to each other, enabling true multitasking.”

It is also the answer to the age old challenge of having to click from one document to another to get the necessary information, cutting the time it takes to finish tasks hugely when compared to working of smaller, laptop screens.

“Then there's the ergonomics improvements, as today’s monitors feature versatile and adjustable viewing angles. Users could also benefit from better sound, and additional USB ports, depending on the models they select, and of course a far crisper picture all round,” he adds.

In a nutshell, using a better monitor can enhance productivity, speed up the time to completion of multiple tasks, save time, and boost production. “Considering that many workers spend around eight hours a day in front of their machines, a positive impact on productivity and stress levels is very beneficial. Larger screens with sharper resolutions are the way to go, whether working, viewing multi-media, or playing games.”

“Dell Technologies is unquestionably the world’s number one brand when it comes to monitors, and has spent years, as well as huge sums in research and development, to perfect their hardware, offer the best resolution, and offer a range of solutions to fit every business need and budget,” Bygate adds.

In fact, all of Dell’s monitors are built with unmatched reliability, and are jam packed with productivity features to increase efficiency. “Dell’s UltraSharp monitors, for example, feature advanced monitor technology to guarantee the ultimate performance.”

Firstly, the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K USB-C Monitor boasts outstanding screen performance with the U3219Q featuring InfinityEdge and multitasking capabilities.

Next, the Dell 21.5 Essential Monitor features an environmentally conscious design and rigorous reliability testing. Finally, the Dell 20 Essential Monitor enables users to elevate their everyday display with the E2020H made for your daily workflow with an elegant design.

For more information and to view the specs, click here.



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