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The COVID-19 pandemic has urged many companies to expand their product offerings in order to assist those industries in need. Pinnacle ICT recently launched their range of Healthcare Solutions showcasing the fact that they not only supply ICT equipment for office and home use, but have the ability to assist health and wellbeing outlets such as clinics, hospitals and dentists with the top of the range healthcare solutions.

Among the wide range of solutions offered are their Huawei Cloud Healthcare Solutions. These solutions offer support in Hosting and Back-Up Services and consist of the Elastic Cloud Server and the Elastic Volume Service.

Elastic Cloud Server

An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides scalable, on-demand computing resources for secure, flexible, and efficient applications. This solution can be utilised in Admissions, Medication Administration and Back-Up Repository. When utilising ECS’s you can be assured of their reliability and stability based on distributed architecture. Your data is rapidly migrated and restored if any data replication is unavailable, preventing data loss caused by a single hardware fault. To further enhance ECS security, Huawei has included Anti-DDoS, WAF, and VSS, ensuring viruses and Trojans don’t stand a chance. Bandwidths and specifications can also be adjusted to meet your required specifications thanks to Auto Scaling.

Elastic Volume Service

As with ECS, Elastic Volume Service (EVS) can be utilised in Admissions, Medication Administration and Back-Up Repository. EVS provides ultra-high I/O, general purpose SSD, and high I/O disk types to meet different service requirements. EVS goes hand in hand with an ESC as EVS offers scalable block storage for cloud servers, but can also support Bare Metal Servers (BMSs). EVS disks which as sometimes just referred to as disks, are similar to hard disks in PC’s, they are required to be attached to servers and are not able to function on their own.

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