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Revolutionary treatment technologies are fast improving healthcare around the world. Supporting this, Samsung’s innovative digital hospital management systems further enhance patient-centric care and hospital efficiency.

A plethora of enhanced treatment technologies are entering hospitals and diagnostic accuracy is being developed through progressive methods. Samsung’s Digital Radiography and Ultrasound systems deliver vastly superior, detailed imaging for increased accuracy and visibility. The company’s mobile CT Scanner takes new treatment options into the Emergency Response (ER) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU), while Samsung’s compact In-Vitro Diagnostics tool offers easy blood sampling and a simple three-step testing. “Solutions such as these significantly improve direct treatment, but are not the only measures available to ensure the highest standards of hospital management and patient care,” says Mike van Lier, Director of Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics South Africa (pictured).

Using the latest technology to develop the hospital environment and healthcare facilities can maximise the impact and offset investment in state of the art treatment equipment. New technologies such as digital hospital management systems, advanced digital signage, cloud-based tools, mobile health, medical imaging and diagnostics as well as digital environmental control enable hospitals and healthcare facilities to run more cost-effectively, with better control of resources and improved outcomes.

By reducing the waiting time, refining the accuracy of treatment and monitoring and optimising the management of resources and supplies, hospitals are able to reduce operational costs and modify outcomes. Integrated digital health platforms enable tracking and monitoring of treatments within a secure environment, supporting alerts in the event of anomalies. Smart Signage and Interactive Displays deliver information and services across the building in real-time.

Smart wireless local area networking (WLAN) solutions deliver seamless, ubiquitous connectivity and access throughout hospitals, allowing medical staff to access alerts, records and diagnostics wherever they are within the facility.

In line with Samsung’s vision – to inspire the world and create the future through innovative technologies, products and design that enrich people's lives and contribute to social prosperity – digital signage in the Medical field focuses heavily on the client experience in its healthcare portfolio.

“Around the world, our innovative healthcare solutions are positively impacting on hospital management and client care. By ensuring a patient’s information is digitally-enabled and easily accessible with seamless operations put in place, hospitals will not only meet next-generation patient expectations – they will also create an efficient, client-centred environment and advance hospital operations,” concludes van Lier.



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