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Wednesday, July 26th, was 'System Administrator Day' (SysAdmin). The indispensable helpers in a digital emergency are usually also responsible for managing the IT infrastructure of a company. Against the backdrop of the increasing shift of enterprise IT into the cloud, Zero Clients play an important role. They realise they cannot just rely on very high security. Cloud-based solutions such as Toshiba Europe's Mobile Zero Client make the management of mobile devices in the enterprise infrastructure much easier for system administrators.

Toshiba Mobile Zero Client
The Toshiba Mobile Zero Client is specifically designed for medium-sized and large enterprises, whose workforce is largely mobile. The innovative solution for virtual desktops based on standard notebooks requires neither local operating system nor hard disk. All data is stored in the cloud or on the enterprise servers. Business users have permanent access to files and software without the data being stored locally on the device itself. Only the peripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard or monitor, are connected to the Zero Client.

Improved mobile device management
The storage of all data and software in the cloud allows a significantly optimised mobile device management. For example, administrators can flexibly set up and centrally control access rights for terminal management for specific data and applications, in order to prevent data misuse. Updating terminals is also not required. All software updates are managed centrally according to the company's requirements.

Extraordinary security
In addition, the TMZC contributes significantly to an increase in the safety level. All features and data are available through a cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Information that is vulnerable to attacks, such as access data for personal authentication or data access, is not stored on the notebook itself. Due to the non-existent local memory and standardly deactivated USB ports, it is also not possible to upload malicious software to the device. Thanks to advanced Boot Control authentication, lost or stolen notebooks can be disabled. Thus, the data theft risk is additionally minimised and the risk of hardware theft is not as high.

Little effort for administration and maintenance
The administration and maintenance work is kept to a minimum. Since no operating system is installed on the notebooks, even a large number of devices do not require a lot of administration. In addition, the TMZC is maintenance-free - another invaluable advantage for the SysAdmin.

Seamless integration into the existing infrastructure
The Toshiba Mobile Zero Client is compatible with Citrix and VMware virtualisation solutions. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The solution can be installed within the corporate network, and system administrators retain their familiar infrastructure. This avoids costly, time-consuming installation processes and also increases security and ROI (Return on Investment).



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