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Earlier this year, Google officially released Android 13 Beta, a new generation operating system. As a pioneer in global electronic technology, TECNO Mobile is one of the first high-end mobile phone brands that have joined the Android 13 Beta program.  

As TECNO's first model to be upgraded to Android 13, CAMON19 Pro 5G was launched globally in July this year and is set to hit the South African shores soon. 

Some of the benefits users can look forward to include: 

  • Stricter Notification Permission - Privacy and user trust are core principles of Android products. To give users control over the notifications they want to follow, Android 13 introduces POST_NOTIFICATIONS — a new runtime permission. This means that apps need to request notification permissions from users before posting notifications. 
  • Colour vector fonts - Android 13 adds rendering support for COLR version 1 (spec, intro video) fonts and updates the system emoji to the COLRv1 format. COLRv1 is a new, highly compact, font format that renders quickly and crisply at any size. COLRv1 can be adopted for the app starting in Developer Preview 2.  
  • Convenient Text Conversion API - Android 13 allows apps to call the new text conversion API, which will make it easier for users to find the content they need faster and easier. 
  • Upgraded Bluetooth LE Audio - With Low Energy (LE) audio, users would be able to share and broadcast their audio to others, or subscribe to public broadcasts for information, entertainment and more, while seamlessly switching between different use cases. 

  The premium brand which recently partnered with the South African Music Awards for their 28th installation, are set to sample the CAMON 19 PRO 5G gift set in the local market soon. 


With the official release of Android 13, CAMON19 Pro 5G is also compatible with the latest HiOS system, bringing users a more convenient, safer and more intimate system experience to meet their special needs in different scenarios.  

Some of these include, the clipboard window when multitasking, privacy and security – photo selector; multimedia Use – vibration Intensity adjustment and other sections, the latest adjustments and adaptations are available, with innovative functions such as personalized dynamic theme and theme application icons.  

Keeping to the original intention of "user orientation", TECNO has invested a lot of research and development resources with the sole aim of providing users with a more cutting-edge system experience and meeting their needs for system upgrades.  

The below Android 13 upgrade path will come in handy once you get your hands on TECNO’s latest global flagship device. 

Android 13 upgrade path: Settings → System → System Upgrade → ONLINE UPDATE 



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