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Tarsus Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with iiDENTIFii, a Cape Town-based innovator in biometric technology. The partnership brings the latest in identity verification solutions to the African continent.

As a leading provider of integrated information and communications technology (ICT) solutions in Africa, Tarsus Distribution is excited about the partnership's potential to significantly enhance identity verification processes across the region. This strategic collaboration underscores both companies' commitment to improving security and accessibility in Africa's evolving digital landscape.

iiDENTIFii is at the forefront of face authentication technology, offering innovative solutions that cater to the diverse and unique requirements of the African market. Their advanced algorithms are designed to accurately identify individuals across various ethnic backgrounds, addressing the critical need for inclusive and unbiased identity verification processes. This capability is especially relevant on a continent as ethnically diverse as Africa, where traditional algorithms often fall short.

Gur Geva, CEO and founder of iiDENTIFii, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "Collaborating with Tarsus Distribution opens a breadth of opportunities for us. It’s akin to plugging into an external marketing partner that will propel our solutions in front of the right audience. Tarsus not only amplifies our market reach but also possesses an understanding of our technology, ensuring it reaches the appropriate channel partners. Their role as a distributor has a multiplier effect on our ability to connect with key markets across Africa."

Alan Hawkins, General Manager: Enterprise Solutions at Tarsus Distribution highlights the unique benefits of iiDENTIFii’s technology, particularly its ability to mitigate bias in identity verification: "This partnership is set to benefit large enterprises requiring robust biometric verification by leveraging technology that's tailored for the African demographic. The uniqueness of iiDENTIFii's solution lies in its algorithm’s capability to recognise and understand the diverse facial features found across the continent, making it a ground breaking tool for organisations aiming to enhance security and user experience while addressing the critical issue of bias in identity verification."

Tarsus Distribution is committed to providing its partners with innovative and reliable ICT solutions. This exclusive partnership with iiDENTIFii underlines its dedication to bringing world-class technology to market, facilitating enhanced security and efficiency in identity verification processes.

For more information about Tarsus Distribution and iiDENTIFii products and services, visit and



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