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All over South Africa, Morpho fingerprint technology is cutting the losses caused by unauthorised access in organisations ranging from residential estates to mines.

Instead of relying on old-fashioned access cards, passwords and PINs, thousands of local companies are using fingerprint-based identification to improve security. In fact, there are now over 70 000 Morpho fingerprint readers installed at all sorts of SA organisations, securely controlling access and managing attendance for more than 2.5 million local employees.

Ideco Fingerprint ReaderNo buddy clocking

The problem with access cards, passwords and PINs is that they don't identify the people who are using them. "Anyone can use yours and you can use theirs," says Marius Coetzee of Ideco Biometric Security Solutions, SA's largest distributor of fingerprint technology. "For example, I can use your card to clock-on for you and you can use mine to clock for me. This so-called buddy clocking is a major problem because of the losses it causes in payroll and productivity. A tried and tested way to completely end this is to replace cards with Morpho fingerprint readers."

Another big benefit of Morpho technology is that it can increase control over who can go where and when. For some organisations, the investment in biometrics might be based on reducing theft by strictly controlling and monitoring access to specific areas, such as storerooms.

Not just for corporates

Coetzee stresses that Morpho technology is no longer just for big organisations with big budgets. "Ten years ago, the idea of using fingerprint readers to identify people in the workplace still sounded a bit like science fiction. But all that has changed. More and more local companies have seen that the technology pays for itself by accurately controlling access and attendance. It's now an established, cost-cutting business tool in companies of all types and sizes."

The use of Morpho technology is now so widespread that it is supplied by all of SA's leading access control and workforce management companies. Coetzee says: "In association with Ideco and backed by many years' practical experience, these companies have a detailed knowledge of how to get proven business results from biometrics."

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