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The Finger Drums Set

Finger drumming is right up there with air guitaring, just noisier. The Finger Drums Set by Jam lets you give your fingers a workout on something other than a keyboard and mouse.

In no time your colleagues or friends will all be basking in the beats made famous by the likes of Ringo Starr, Phil Collins and John Bonham, or wishing they can escape the auditory purgatory in which they find themselves. The set retails for R199 from The G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop.

Oregon Scientific Instaforecast i600

The Oregon Scientific Instaforecast i600 connects to the Web to give you a live weather forecast of your city and region. The multi-unit screen even displays the weather for the next five days for your town.

The unit also possesses the ability to gather surrounding weather information, such as temperature and humidity, and display it on screen, while also boasting some none-weather related functionality such as a timer and alarm. R1299 from The G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop.

The Panic Button

What to do when you are busy tweeting or updating your Facebook page and fear that the close proximity of your manager won’t give you enough time to hit ALT & F4 or ALT & Tab as they approach to enquire about your progress? The Panic Button is the answer. Simply hit the USB powered button to immediately bring up a spreadsheet or document provided with the button’s software.

Panic Button – R149. Keeping your job – priceless. From The G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop.

Justick Electro Adhesion Desktop

The Justick Electro Adhesion Desktop is a static powered stand that can hold anything from notes, scripts and business cards without the need for any tape, pins, magnets, bubblegum or Pritt. You just hold it up to the board and voila it sticks as if by magic. It isn’t limited to paper and will work with some plastic and metal objects as well. R199 from The G.A.D.G.E.T. Shop.

Adapt Emergency Keychain charger

How many times have you run out of battery life on your cellphone but didn’t not have your charger with you? Adapt comes to the rescue with their emergency keychain charger. It helps to give that extra energy boost to a whole range of different cellphones as well as MP3 players, and comes with a handy LED light. R100 (incl VAT) during November (usual price R180) from PDAShop.

XGR Warmer & USB Hub

If you have ever had to knock back the last gulps of cold coffee or soup in the morning, you’ll be happy to know that XGR have come up with the perfect solution to this predicament. The XGR Warmer & USB Hub doesn’t only keep your favourite beverages warm, but provides you with four additional USB ports as well. It’s available at R49 from Computer Corporation.

Samsung ES10 compact camera

Samsung’s ES10 is an 8.1 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, which makes taking beautiful photos really straightforward by including features such as the Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) and Beauty Shot. The former lets you take clear photos, even in overcast conditions and the flash off, with the latter recognises the flaws in the photos – the likes of blemishes and dark spots, and re-touches them. You can get it from Computer Corporation for R999.

RCA Digital 3-source HDMI Switcher

The RCA Digital 3-source HDMI Switcher lets you connect up to three HDMI compatible audio or video sources to a single HDMI input on your HDTV or monitor. It supports all the associated formats including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i & 1080p, as well as HDCP-compliant devices. It retails for R1099 from Computer Corporation.


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