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In an age where smartphones, tablets, and ultrabooks get the lion's share of attention, power-users are often neglected. After all, imagine a world without movies like Kung Fu Panda, Avatar, How to train your Dragon and Shrek. Enter the HP Workstation Business.

HP Z1 Workstation openNo compromises were made on the Z1: it combines the capabilities of a workstation with the elegance of an all-in-one to meet the demanding visualisation and computing needs of power users.

HP workstations are designed to set the standard for some of the most computer-intensive industries, including animation, film/video editing, graphic design, CAD, architecture, photography, high-definition video, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, scientific imaging, and oil and gas exploration.

The HP Z workstations, for example, are being used to design everything from running shoes and race cars, to animated characters and deep-sea submersibles. They are also used to manage research labs, mission-critical IT environments, and billions of rands of tradable securities.

HP Z1 Workstation openingThe Z1 is the only all-in-one workstation with quad-core Intel Xeon processors. This makes renders faster and crashes a thing of the past, with professional graphics and ECC memory. Your work can further be enhanced with the HD Webcam, SRS Premium Sound processing and whisper-quiet acoustics. Furthermore, the Z1 Workstation provides all the customisability options you need, since you have a choice of optical drives, like the slot-load Blu-ray Writer, not to mention a variety of storage types, including 7.2K and 10K SATA, SSD options, and optional RAID configurations. Easily add a hard-drive, upgrade memory or access the graphics card by snapping the machine open and enjoy the control of easily swapping out parts on your own.

Starting from R18 999, the Z1 features a 27" LED-backlit display that has an impressive 178 degree viewing angle and supports over a billion colours. It features professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics for blazing fast renders and performance, in order for you to focus on giving your creativity free reign.

So what are you waiting for? Come and flex the Z1 Workstation's muscle and see what you are capable of doing in front of a computing powerhouse.

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