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Unlike plumbing, electrical and even general maintenance services, very few, if any, professional installation service providers are available for audio and visual equipment. Until now.

High quality audio and visual equipment require a bit more care and attention than regular consumer electronics. None more so than with the installation of this specialist equipment. Although there are companies available that do installations, many function outside the Consumer Protection Act, often delivering a second-rate service without any real after-sales service and accountability.

In certain cases clients are left without any recourse against damages and bad workmanship, and no higher level to escalate problems to. The need was identified, and resulted in the establishment of

Outstanding, professional workmanship

At last there is a company that provides a professional service for the domestic and commercial markets in terms of TV, hi-fi and DStv installations. A company with a professional approach and compliance to the Consumer Protection Act, offering excellent workmanship, after-sales service and true accountability.'s workmanship is guaranteed, and transport, equipment handling and the work site is insured against the unlikely event of damages that might occur during installation. The company makes use of highly skilled and professional technicians, while all personnel are trained and screened. Installations are only performed in uniform, branded clothing, working from fully equipped utility vehicles.

Quality ensured

The operations are supported by a custom field-service management system that keeps record of all customers, installations and equipment for warrantee purposes. All work is signed off by a dedicated quality insurer, to ensure that all equipment functions properly, and that the installation is done to the satisfaction of the customer. believes the best marketing is word-of-mouth and go all-out to provide the best high definition television, hi-fi and DStv installation available in this country.

Contact them for a free quotation, or to be part of the planning of your new home, entertainment room or cinema. Dial 0861-install (4678255) or visit


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