By Hanleigh Daniels 17 June 2010


Rooms: The Main Building brings the thousand piece puzzles you used to built as a child to the DS Lite, with a plot that aims to spur you on to complete all of the game's hundred sliding puzzles.  
The Story
The storyline kicks off when a mysterious invitation unexpectedly arrives at your doorstep. It sends you to an alternate world where you must reach the exit by sliding parts of rooms around until they make up a complete picture.

The main objective of the puzzle is to get to the exit that leads to the next level, so you don’t need to complete the picture, but completing it will get you a higher rating. As you progress through the world the rooms are more elaborate and it becomes much harder to reach the exit. 
Seemingly never-ending puzzler
To keep you hooked on this journey from exit to exit, new items giving you access to additional capabilities are gradually introduced throughout the game.

Some of these include teleporting phone-booths which beam you Matrix-style, from one section to the otherwise unreachable following section. There are also fish bowls, which allow you to breath in water-filled sections in which you would otherwise drown.
Final thoughts
The storyline might be a little thin and the graphics quite basic, but the game derives its appeal from its premise as a puzzler.

It offers you brief sliding puzzles that can be rather satisfying to complete and will spur you on to the next challenge, but in order to not become completely bored, you need to be a fan of this type of game.
Good variety of obstacles and challenges to solve in order to escape each room.
Can become boring after a while with its seemingly unending amount of challenging rooms to find paths to the exit to.

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