By Thomas McKinnon 5 November 2008


It is an all too familiar story; an evil gunrunner fans the flames of internal conflict in a war torn African state, providing rival militias, mercenaries and other blood thirsty characters with the ‘means to match their hatred’. 

Far Cry 2 delves into this world of tension, bloodshed and sheer heat in spectacular fashion.

Far Cry 2 is a genuine open-world FPS with a single overriding objective; terminate a notorious arms dealer known only as “The Jackal”. The way in which you get this done is up to you as you begin working for two warring militaristic movements, the UFLL and the ARP, that have naturally both been armed by “The Jackal”. In so doing you hope to trace the supply chain back to “The Jackal”.

Along the way you can make buddies, claim safe houses, unlock new weapons and abilities, earn blood diamonds to trade and very importantly keep your malaria under control. The game’s free-roaming environment and FPS action work in uncanny synchronous as a variety of weapons have the potential to work in concert with varied landscapes and innumerable environmental factors (wind, time, wildlife, heat etc.) to offer unprecedented tactical freedom. The game’s 50 square kilometres of amazingly detailed and visually stunning African landscape is without question its greatest asset.  

Far Cry 2 is the kind of game that will keep you absorbed for hours as you get virtually lost in deepest Africa with an authentic Heart of Darkness feel. The game delivers on expectations with a huge entertainment factor as you become accustomed to playing out the story in a creative, no linear fashion. It is certainly one of the best shooters of the year.

Watch our interview with the Far Cry 2 developers for an exclusive insight into the making of the game.

Open world play is excellent, the environment is superb and the campaign offers hours of enjoyment.
Having to travel from one mission to the next is time consuming.

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