By Andrew Gould 12 June 2008


It’s out and wrecking lives all over again, yes it’s the fourth installment of the ever popular people-killer GTA IV! We’re back in Liberty (New York) City and this time we play Niko, an Eastern block type, with a grudge to bear.

Rockstar Games have a massive hit on their hands. GTA IV has improved graphics, improved features and new gameplay. Central to making the new version faster, with less time being wasted, is your Cell phone, which allows you to make phone calls and send text messages as you walk or drive. This is a great tool for moving between activities and gameplay quickly. It seems everything in the new version has more.

More blood, more killing cops, better handling cars, the ability to shoot in every direction, whilst still managing to keep the car on the road and some more killing. This game already has parents and action groups up in arms, but if you liked GTA III you will love GTA IV.

The multiplayer mode is excellent and the character driven campaign is outstanding.
Minor AI issues creep in from time to time.

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