By Brigitte 16 July 2009


Straight up, from the beginning you can tell that the creators of Ice Age 3 took the fun stuff from other games and used them as basic moves and skills for the creatures in this the latest Ice Age instalment.

I know it\'s really a game for kids, but I\'ve had so much fun playing it in this last week that I want to finish it and keep it in my collection, so that I can play it again if I\'m ever feeling blue. I\'m embarrassed to say that I, an intelligent woman in her late twenties, got stuck on a level for about 25 minutes. I was going around in circles not really sure what to do, and had to look up what to do next. And still I had fun, a blow to my gaming ego or not!

Basically, you can play single or multiplayer and take turns playing the various characters, each with its own set of individual skills, which are easy to learn and a rip to use. You follow through a story that Sid is telling to the little babies, about their Mammoth parents and friends. From egg rolling to mole battling, and going from being Sid, to The Mammoths to a pirate (what I can only guess is) a weasel of sorts in the underground tropical area, vine sliding and whip cracking. It’s hours of fun and a cause of hectic giggling if you’re paying attention to the story line.

Ice Age 3 made me really feel the initial enjoyment I had playing games as a kid. I even went so far as to make a giant glass of chocolate Nesquik and a peanut butter sandwich (no crusts) to enjoy as I played along in the game.

If you want a few hours of cute, cool enjoyment, or if you have kids you can use as a front for buying this game, I\'d definitely go ahead and spend your monthly game budget on this. It\'s value for money, especially with all the extra mini-games you get in-game or can play separately.

The multiplayer mini-games are great fun. Straightforward game mechanics.
The in-game environments aren\\\\\\\'t as detailed as we would have liked.

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