By Thomas McKinnon 7 January 2009


In Need for Speed: Undercover you play… that’s right… you guessed it… a reluctant hero turned undercover cop. You and the sexy agent Chase Linh ­(Maggie Q) are tasked with ­bringing an illegal gang of street racers, who have somehow ­become mixed up in an ­international vehicle smuggling syndicate, to justice.

Complete with polished ­cinematic cut scenes, OTT cop chases and open world gameplay, ­Undercover moves away from the widely scoffed ProStreet formula back to the better received Most Wanted model. With 50+ cars and more than 80 miles of road available in the game’s fictional Tri-City Bay area, there is a ton of content on offer, with the bonus of your next race always being easily ­accessible with a simple press of your d-pad.

Gameplay is fantastic at times, especially when playing Highway Battles, catching an opponent and then maintaining a lead, or Cops and Robbers online, which offer 4-on-4 action. The game does however experience a slow frame rate, reportedly far worse on the PS3 platform, at times which can make it frustrating to play.

There are tons of cop chases and you can instantly join races at the touch of a button.
There are some frame rate issues and the plot is a little thin.

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