By Thomas McKinnon 27 November 2008


Bond is back! The movie was great, Daniel Craig’s credible performance in Casino Royale wasn’t just a fluke and every boy on the planet is once again fantasising about working for MI-6 rather than becoming a member of the Fantastic Four. So what of the new Quantum of Solace game?

Well, it makes use of the Call of Duty 4 game engine with Gears of War cover mechanics. Logically this should bring us to the conclusion that it is the greatest movie-based video game ever created. The only things to indicate otherwise are the absolute linearity of the story line and the fact that it is one of the shortest games we’ve played in a long while.

The game is primarily a first person shooter (FPS) pervaded by a number of third person action mini-games. Between stop-and-pop, lead flying battles players have to hack computers, override security systems, and perform silent kills which add a great dynamic to the game by breaking-up the repetitiveness of a shooter. Although this sounds rather complex the game is incredibly easy to play, almost to the point where you feel it is playing itself – which is great if you are a fan of the movies but not a hardcore gamer.

Somewhat obviously, the game’s defining feature is its cinematic and audio presentation. Quantum of Solace cast members were digitally captured both in terms of voice and appearance, adding an authentic edge to the game and helping to create a genuine movie-like atmosphere. If you are a Bond fan the game is a must, if not you may find it rather boring, if not altogether uninspired.

There is a decent weapons selection and the cover system is a nice touch.
Quick-time events are frustrating and the campaign mode is too short.

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