By Thomas McKinnon 6 October 2008


Too Human is an action role-playing game that has generated much hype in the build-up to it release. The storyline: a cybernetic twist on Norse Mythology. As Buldur, god of light, you have recently recovered from an event that has cost you your other half and are now on a mission to avenge her death while saving mankind by enhancing your powers with aftermarket body parts.

You will be immersed into four battle levels in which you will have to hack and slash your way through orc and troll like machines. Game play can be very exciting as you do not use buttons to control you melee weapons, but the left and right analogue sticks on your controller. With a choice of five classes the game offers versatility which is further enhanced by role-playing elements which allow for customisation of your weapons and armour which up your lethality.

Despite decent graphics, cinema scenes and heart racing game play Too Human is often two paced. You will find yourself moving between battle levels and Aesir, your home base. Aesir is vast and slow paced with little character interaction – but it is where you gain enlightenment as to your path. Battles meanwhile are fast paced – the problem comes in when you die and a Valkyrie comes from Valhalla and takes you away (to be re-spawned at your last checkpoint). The Valkyrie is a beautiful piece of graphic art, but when you realise you die fairly often and that the Valkyrie scene cannot be skipped (it take about 30 seconds) you will become very irritated indeed.

Too Human is a really enjoyable title albeit unbalanced and two paced at times. The fact that it was created to be part one of a trilogy really comes across as you are left with that empty ‘to be continued…’ feeling when you have completed the game.

Co-op play is excellent, skill trees allow for character personalisation and there are tons of weapons to choose from.
The integration of RPG and action elements is poor leading to pacing issues.

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