By Andrew Gould 3 November 2008


Whoever came up with the idea of bringing to life a host of paper-mâché animals? This was the basis for the first Viva Piñata game that turned out to be a real winner. Now there is the second incarnation of the game entitled Trouble in Paradise.

The whole point behind this version is to once again foil Professor Pester’s evil plan of running parties everywhere! Trouble in
Paradise brings back all the same characters as the previous game and a whole host more. The gameplay might not have advanced a huge amount in the last two years, but handling the fictional animals is still as much fun as ever.

In this version there is actually a point to breeding these sweet party animals. Professor Pester and his foolish associates accidentally erased the entire encyclopaedia of knowledge, so it’s up to you to start it from scratch.

Viva Piñata! Viva!

New multiplayer modes make the game more enjoyable.
The story is thin and the gameplay very basic.

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