By Andrew Gould 30 June 2009


Scanners have come a long way in a short time, a tale not unfamiliar to anyone who knows anything about the consumer electronics industry. You don’t have to fork out a fortune anymore to get some good quality scans; as is proven by the very well priced and very much liked Epson Perfection V300 Photo Scanner.

To give your product a name like “Perfection” takes courage, or arrogance, but does the V300 live up to this marketing hype? The short answer, yes it does. Scanning at a considerable 4800 x 9600 dpi, the V300 can do far more than scan the odd newspaper clipping.

For starters, you can scan all your photos at archive quality ­resolutions, without having to wait an eternity for scans to complete either. The V300 will also allow you to convert all your slides and negatives to digital as it has a built-in film and slide holder. You can even scan 3D – and over-sized objects, making use of its 180 degrees lid, making it ideal for scanning from books or old albums. R1670 (incl VAT). Call Epson SA on 011-465-9621 for more info.

It is relatively inexpensive, fast and is feature-rich.
It offers limited transparency support.

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