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0 is an online billing and service provisioning system that allows you to invoice clients from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. For small businesses or one-man shows, this South African site offers a quick way to not only manage payments, but also to draw up invoices in a professional manner. Best of all it’s free, at least for the first 25 invoices, there after it’s R50 per month for unlimited invoices, which allows larger businesses to use the SnapBill service too.


After registering an email will be sent to your inbox, after which you can log on and start setting up your invoice. A clear dashboard makes it easy to find all the different sections, while you’ll find a useful graph at the bottom that summarises detail about your income during the month. From this dashboard you can add different clients, create invoices or quotes or add monthly charges to different accounts. Bills are completely personalised since SnapBill allows for the complete branding of invoices, quotes and payment reminders.
Payment gateway

SnapBill allows for clients to pay via credit card, although they cannot currently process credit cards themselves. If you have a NetCash account you can debit clients’ bank account directly, while SnapBill also integrates FNB’s PayPal service and EFT payments. One of the biggest drawcards to SnapBill is the powerful recurring billing capabilities. You can set SnapBill to charge an account on a specific day, and if more than one charge is due from a specific customer, SnapBill will add all charges into one Invoice. SnapBill also alerts customers if they have payments outstanding.
Functionality and reselling

Since your email addresses are integrated into SnapBill’s comprehensive system, all your billing data can be tracked, while your monthly statements can be exported to Excel or as a CSV file to be imported into Pastel.
Another interesting feature is the comprehensive statistics of payments and invoices on offer. SnapBill also allows for the reselling of white-label website hosting packages and domain registration solutions. These services are provided via Lusion Technologies, a website hosting company.
Packages on offer

SnapBill currently offers three packages. Their free package allows for the integration of up to 50 clients, but with a restriction of only 25 invoices that can be sent out each month, plus a link to SnapBill on your invoices. Paying R50 per month allows for unlimited invoices to be sent out without any links, but still with only 50 manageable clients. At a cost of R350 per month their Premium 500 package lets you manage up to 500 clients.
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