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25. The maximum number of moves needed to solve any Rubik’s cube configuration.

112. The number of a new, superheavy chemical element that will enter the periodic table.

3 million. Users of  Facebook that registered their user names in the first 12 hours of registration.

1.5 million km from Earth
. The final observation position of the Herschel space observatory. .

5000 pages. The length of the recently made Wikipedia book.

29 pence (less than R4). The cost to download certain albums after a mistake from Amazon.

One thousand trillion calculations per second. The processing power of the world’s fastest super computer- IBM’s Roadrunner.

$80 000 per song. The fine imposed on a US woman for illegally downloading 24 songs.

$100 million. The amount estimated by the U.S. Secret Service that 419 scammers net per year.

$71 billion. The amount spam cost the world in lost productivity and other expenses in 2007.

$3 billion. The amount Spam costs the United States in wasted electricity alone, per year.

$3.2 billion. The amount lost to phishing in 2007 in the United States

10.5 million. The number of Blu-ray players in the US.

66%. The percentage of Americans who have used search engines for health information

43%. The percentage of adults who believe they can be found by searching through social networking sites.

85%. The percentage of electronic voting projects that failed to some extent in developing countries.

$147 billion. The value reached by Internet ads globally by 2012

2x. The factor by which requests made to your right ear are fulfilled versus requests made to your left ear.

<1%. The percentage of the Earth’s micro-organisms we’ve identified.

3.9%. The decline in Telkom’s fixed-line traffic this year.

17.4 million. The number of South African MTN subscribers.

300 AD. The year in which the Chinese started using Aluminium, the west discovered it in 1827.

$500. The amount Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak each made from the sale of their car and calculator respectively, to fund Apple.

200BC – 200AD
. The dates in which the Mesopotamians made use of ½ volt batteries for electroplating silver onto copper.

6. The age of two German boys who were suspected of building a nuclear reactor. It was a fake, but nobody told the police that.


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