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Prey free notebook tracking software
We like clever stuff and Prey’s protection ­software is about as clever as it comes. If you install Prey on your notebook (or Android phone) and it gets stolen, you can remotely ­activate Prey on your device (if it’s connected to the web) to trigger some interesting functionality.
Prey can ­remotely lock your notebook, record video via the webcam, triangulate its position and take screenshots of whatever the new “owner” is busy with. This small installation can maybe save you from some major headaches. 
MindMeister allows users to create, manage and share collaborative mind maps ­online. The maps can be ­accessed anytime from ­anywhere, all you need is a web browser, no additional ­extensions or plug-ins are ­required.
Friends and colleagues can also edit shared documents ­simultaneously in ­brain­storming mode, and users can post their mind maps publicly if they wish. It’s a simple, ­sensible web-based tool with the advantage of being stored for easy access in the cloud. There is also a MindMeister app for the iPhone and iPad which is available on their website.
MyLifeIsAverage ­advertises itself as a place to post the mundane things in your life, and read about what counts as normal for other people. This might sound quite boring, but it’s actually strangely relaxing to read about the lives of ­others.
“We believe for every fail story, or good story, there are about a million ­normal stories. So tell the world what makes your life average. Anyone can submit a story, because everyone’s lives are unexciting and ­insignificant at some time or another,” the site says. It forms a good counterpoint to
If you’re a fan of the board game Pictionary, and spend a lot of time online, then iSketch might just be the website of your dreams. The site allows players from around the world to join each other in online games of sketching and guessing.
iSketch is played within your web browser and requires ­installation of the Shockwave plug-in, after which you can join other players in the ­10-round game. During the game each player gets a chance to draw a word which the other players must guess, with a complete drawing toolset ­included on the site for your perusal.


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