By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 June 2017


Designed with short hauls in mind, the R5 e-bike from Airwheel won't replace your traditional bike, but is still an intriguing way to get around.
Good battery operating range; Handy mobile companion app
Heavy even when folded; Expensive compared to a conventional bike
We can see a product like the R5 e-bike thriving in smaller cities or areas where space is hard to come by and people live in more compact surroundings. In one like Johannesburg though, where cars are the primary mode of transport for people, the R5 is slightly harder to make a case for. Not to mention that it's priced (R11 950) out of the reach for most people looking to buy a conventional bike. There is some merit to it, however, offering an interesting way of getting around. As such, it won't be replacin

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