By Andrew Gould 2 July 2008


A while ago we reviewed the WIKI Doodle Bug, and we liked it a lot. So when we got the WIKI WK05 we were hopeful that it would live up to its reputation.

Not much has changed in the WK05;you still get a very solid device with a 3" TFT touch screen,MP4 support and an included 256MB micro SD card. It comes with a 2 megapixel camera.

This is a no-nonsense device that makes good sense. If you are unfamiliar with the WIKI phone, here’s the trump card: it takes two SIM cards, on any network.

So you can have a work cell and a private cell. This will prevent you having to guess if it ’s business or private, when you ’re being called. Swapping between SIMs is very easy and there are even two dial buttons, so you know exactly which SIM you are calling from.

For more info call 073- 121-8250 or visit

You can use your pre-paid SIM card and contract SIM card simultaneously in one device. It has integrated TV so you can watch your favourite TV shows.
The keypad is very cramped, a number of the buttons being very awkward to use.

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