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While feature phones are all but done, they certainly gave us some good memories. Perhaps the most important, for South Africans anyway, is the Nokia 3310. The Finnish company behind it, Nokia, has been in the wilderness somewhat after selling off the Lumia brand to Microsoft, but it is making a comeback. This 'relaunch' of sorts is taking place at Mobile World Congress, where a number of devices will be unveiled. Grabbing the most attention at this stage is the new Nokia 3310 that they plan to debut. Here's five things we hope it will be sporting. 

1. Keep the form factor

Nokia is one of the manufacturers that popularised the candy bar shape of feature phones. As such, to properly pay homage to the Nokia 3310 with this new model, it should retain the same form factor, albeit with a few larger dimensions.

Furthermore, make sure it's blue with white and silver accents. And of course it must be as durable as the original. 

2. Make it touch and type

Most modern smartphones favour the full touch design, but the Nokia 3310 needs to be both touch and type, akin to some of BlackBerry's recent devices. In fact, the BlackBerry Classic can serve as a basis for how Nokia should approach the new 3310. Having that nostalgic feeling of a physical QWERTY keyboard will be crucial for a successful updated version of the iconic phone, not to mention learning the Predictive Text Input system once again. 

3. Simplicity is key

For this new-age version of the Nokia 3310, it can be very easy for the Finnish manufacturer to want to over-engineer the device and add too much. Instead, a meat and potatoes approach should be taken. Things should be kept as simple as possible, which extends not only to design and specifications but user interface and applications too. 

4. Bring it to market ASAP

A homage remembering one of the company's best selling and most loved device is great and everything, but Nokia needs to capitalise on consumer interest and bring the new 3310 to market as quickly as possible? Making the most of such an opportunity is paramount, especially if Nokia hopes to make the most of its MWC 'relaunch' for its mobile devices.

This to-market version of the new Nokia 3310 need not be as powerful as a fully fledged smartphone, but shipping a few batches to select regions across the globe seems like a good idea.  

5. Modern and retro UI 

While we want Nokia to keep things simple for the new 3310, the user interface is one area that could pose an issue, specifically in terms of design. Yes, going the Android-route is one option, but a UI that looks like the original and features up-to-date visuals and graphics could be even better.

Nokia is expected to debut the new 3310, alongside a lineup of other devices on Sunday, 26 September. We'll be on the MWC floor when doors open 27 February, so be sure to check in with our website and social media platforms regularly for hands-on articles and pictures aplenty.


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