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With constant turmoil rocking higher education, choosing the right institution is fraught with difficulty. If this has you questioning where to study, then Belgium Campus is worth more than just a quick glance.

Established in 1999, Belgium Campus is an accredited Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI),registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (2003/HE08/001). It is a Belgian tertiary educational institution with an international orientation and Christian background, striving to give students the highest standard of education.

Invaluable IT skills

The inspiration behind the institution was the realisation that traditional institutions often produce graduates who are not employable. To combat this, everything Belgium Campus does is geared towards empowering students with invaluable IT skills. This makes Belgium Campus’ qualifications unique as it is of the highest standard in SA and streamlined by industry needs.

The courses - a Diploma in Information Technology and Bachelor’s Degree in Computing - are globally accredited and consist of one year In-Service Training that’s undertaken with a respected IT company in South Africa or Belgium.

Since inception, Belgium Campus’ future proof approach to education has proven be spot on and is one of the reasons why 100% of graduates are employed. This has earned Belgium Campus praise for producing students who can participate in the economy and for the institution’s cooperation with stakeholders in creating an integrative and responsive education system.

To emphasise their dedication to offering truly world class qualifications, the university underwent an official benchmarking and audit by the Limburg Catholic University College. The auditing panel concluded that the Bachelor Degree of Computing complies with all parameters of a Professional Bachelor’s Degree as is set and described in the accreditation framework of the NVAO and audit protocol of the VLIR-VLHORA.

As for the business sector, the R8 Million in scholarships received from a range of South African businesses last year alone is a clear indication of the trust they place in graduates produced by Belgium Campus.

To the point

With such dedication to producing graduates of such a high calibre in a field that is as in demand as IT, selecting Belgium Campus really is a no brainer if you wish to forge a path in the industry. For more information contact 012-542-3114, mail or visit


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